The Novelty of the Lockdown Has Worn Off… Now What? Webinar Roundup

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Last Thursday (14 May) we held our first ever webinar. From the comfort of their homes, digital marketers from around the world (yes, we even had viewers from Oman!) tuned in to watch our six speakers discuss all the latest digital marketing topics and trends.

Our host, Skip Fidura, kicked things off with a poll to see how people are coping with the lockdown, and the results are in – we’re all missing the pub!

Keep on reading for a rundown of all the presentations from the morning’s webinar.

How to Influence People and Win Business with Video Calls and Webinars 

Given recent events, people have been experiencing first-hand the benefit of adding remote events to their marketing stack, and we can expect to see a lot more of this going forward. However, while we’ve all spent years perfecting our image and performance in meetings, we’re a bit behind when it comes to our image on the virtual stage. Jon Mowat, Managing Director at Hurricane, discusses how you can make your zoom calls look and sound better, and gives us an easy way to structure webinars that engage people, drive action, and convert business.

View Jon’s presentation here.

How to Get More from Your Agency During COVID-19

It might be fair to say that many brands have scaled back their marketing in the current climate whilst others have pushed forward, but what unites us all is that we’re probably all starting to plan for the resumption of business in this not-so-normal new normal. With 20 years’ experience in digital marketing, Strange have come across many challenges and what COVID-19 has made it clear is that better digital performance is now critical for brands to help navigate through the challenges ahead. For Strange, performance often hinges on client-agency relationships and, in this talk, Managing Director Paul Honey will highlight what a good client-agency relationship should look like.

View Paul’s presentation here.

How to Run Remote Workshops That Make a Difference

In this presentation, Shaun Miller, Digital Strategy & UX Consultant at Codehouse, will discuss what remote workshops are, what they look like in the current crisis, and what might be the relevance of remote workshops in the world of tomorrow. He will go through the three Ts of planning and delivering workshops, and offer some quick trouble shooting tips to overcome some of the inevitable challenges you might face when hosting remote workshops.

View Shaun’s presentation here.

Five Areas to Improve Your Customer Tech without Migrating Platforms

This is an increasingly important and relevant topic as we’re seeing the effect of COVID-19 on marketing budgets. Many brands that were expecting to upgrade and migrate their customer marketing platforms this year have seen those projects put on hold as a result of cost and resource issues. This is a problem when you think about how this can restrict the ability of marketers to deliver more advanced and impactful customer marketing. Stuart Russell, Client Services Director at Planning-inc, discusses why marketers are looking to upgrade their platforms, and how they can get the benefits of using just one platform without the extra time and cost.

View Stuart’s presentation here.

Using Mapping to Tackle Fake News

Fake news has been a buzz word over the last few years, but it’s not actually that new – it’s been used to start conflicts as far back as the 17th century. In this presentation, Gareth Humphreys, Head of Insight, Strategy & Innovation at NHS Blood & Transplant, talks about how encrypted messaging services, like WhatsApp, make it very difficult for organisations to see if false messages are being spread across these platforms. He explains how this could impact an organisation, and what NHS Blood & Transplant did to tackle this issue when the company became affected by it.

View Gareth’s presentation here.

Past, Present, and Future: What COVID-19 Has Reminded Us About Marketing

Jeremy Waite, Chief Customer Officer at IBM iX, sits down with our host, Skip Fidura, to discuss what the current pandemic reminds us about marketing technology, brand storytelling, and being better marketers.

View the discussion here.

Our next digital marketing webinar will take place this Thursday (21 May). Click here to register, or email Paul Nichols for more information.