July 18, 2016

This Week in Digital – July 15th 2016

So, what’s been happening in the digital marketing world this week? Find out in our collection of the latest stories below:

Google Will Help You Book a Holiday on Your Mobile

This week, Google revealed its latest updates to its mobile search pages, which allows users to search and filter results for hotels based on their specific requirements. Special deals will also be highlighted, as well as if special discounts are available, plus the ability to track flight prices through email and Google Now cards.
It is hoped that these changes will help users when planning trips or shopping online using their mobile device.

Survey Reveals Email Marketers’ Main Focuses of 2016

According to a study released this month from Econsultancy and Adestra, email marketers will be prioritising automated campaigns, measurement and analytics, and strategy and campaign planning in the second half of 2016.
The Email Marketing Industry Census 2016 revealed the following:


The research also found that innovation will be centred on more creative use of behavioural triggers, dynamic elements (video, GIFs etc.) and automation to enable one-to-one communication.

Pokémon Go is Taking Over Twitter

Pokémon Go may have only officially been available in the UK for a day, but since its release elsewhere in the world a week or so ago Nintendo’s value has risen by $7 billion.
Since July 6th, the game has been mentioned on Twitter more than 6.6 million times, 59% of which came from young men. Our own research of trends has found that Pokémon Go has been more searched than anything to do in the national press, including the arrival of our new Prime Minister.

Pokemon trends

If you’ve not downloaded the free game yet, go check it out. Remember you gotta catch ‘em all!

Research Shows Consumers Don’t Mind Brand Mentions on Messages

This week American marketing group, Epsilon, released the results of its latest study on brand advertising in messaging apps. The study found that everyone asked used Facebook Messenger but only around half (46%) used Snapchat, whereas Snapchat was used more frequently than its Facebook counterpart.
Over three quarters of those surveyed were interested in making purchases via Facebook Messenger using PayPal, plus most were also open to ads and promotions via Facebook Messenger too. So, could we be seeing ads in our message apps soon? Who knows? But disruption is likely to be minimal if so.

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