July 27, 2016

Maximise Your Multi-Channel Marketing with the Help of These 3 Videos

Let’s face it, very few marketers focus on a singular type of marketing or platform these days. It is a multi-channel effort between SEO, PPC, content, social media, email and so on. But, with so many different mediums, how can you ensure your marketing efforts are cohesive?
These three videos will take you through how to create a flawless multi-channel marketing strategy, helping you to build upon current efforts to improve engagement and conversion rates.

10 Point Plan

How to Execute Your Multi-Platform Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution with Perfection, First Time!
By Denise Law
Community Editor, The Economist
In this video presentation, Denise Law talks about how The Economist used multi-platform content distribution to achieve an increased engagement rate of 61% and a 25% rise in followers.
The Economist’s strategy was to increase awareness and ultimately paid readership among the globally curious. They would do this by tailoring the format and platform they used to share their content, in order to attract a younger audience.
However, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So, how did The Economist ensure that this youthful audience engaged with its content? It first looked at solving two problems: lack of awareness and the misconceptions about what The Economist offers. To do this, a team was set up to handle social media, data was used more effectively to make decisions and departmental working was abolished.
These changes have resulted in The Economist becoming one of the most-followed legacy news publishers on social media.
To learn the core tenets of The Economist’s strategy and how you can apply this to your business or clients, watch the full video presentation here.

5 Trends to Fuel Your Marketing Success

By Caroline Henno
Senior Consultant, IBM Marketing Cloud
Caroline Henno believes that enhancing the customer experience at every touch point has never been more important. And as the buyer journey continues to evolve, she states new challenges and opportunities have arisen. In this video presentation, Caroline discusses the key trends that are changing the digital landscape and how these can be tackled with a strategic approach.
Caroline says that:
“80% of consumers today are using social, local and mobile technologies to do some combination or browsing, researching and buying products”. Therefore you should have a cross-platform marketing strategy.


She also notes that a buyer’s feelings, preferences and attitudes change quickly, so it is important to provide customers with what they need, whether this be a discount or content. You can do this by connecting the data dots and delivering a personal experience.
Other trends she touches upon in this talk include:
• Mobile – is it entering a new phase?
• Content – How the right content is more critical than ever, due to an overly-saturated market
• Post-Purchase – How to enhance this to encourage repeat visits
• Marketing departments – the importance of evolving with the developing industry
Learn all about these points in more detail by watching Caroline Henno’s video presentation in full here.

Crafting the Next Great Brand Experience

By Andy Walker
Head of Sales & UK Marketing Director, Innometrics
In the past, brands made memorable moments using television adverts, however this will be very different in the future. Andy Walker believes that ‘multi-channel is at the centre of that change’ and that memorable brand moments will soon be created across channels and the buyer journey – both before and after a conversion.
So, how do you prepare for this and ensure your marketing gets noticed. Well, Andy says his company works on three principles. The first is to track customer behaviour in real-time regardless of channel, platform or device.
The second is to learn from start-ups, rather than building tech yourself. He says, it is important to leverage the wealth of existing tools out there at the moment. Lastly, marketers should be empowered to be creative with technology – developers can empower creativity.
For further detail on how you can make your marketing efforts memorable, watch Andy’s full video presentation here.

Develop Your Multi-Channel Marketing Through Multiple Means

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