February 1, 2021

Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup: 27-28 January 2021 (Part One)

2020 was a tough year for the high street, but with all non-essential shops forced to close during the national lockdowns, direct-to-consumer consumption sky-rocketed. Recipe box subscription service Gousto even had to stop taking on new customers at the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020 due to extraordinary demand.

Last week, at our Virtual Digital Marketing Summit, experts from agencies and tech providers gave their insights into how marketers can make the most of their online presence. Here, we take a look at the presentations from Day One of the event. Stay tuned for Part Two.

What Is Live Video Shopping, Live Video Commerce, and Livestream Shopping?

In 2019, live video shopping was a pastime for an estimated 420 million people in China, growing to an estimated 530 million in 2020. Staggering figures. But what’s it all about? Serge Milbank, Founder of Confer With, explains what live video shopping is, and how you can incorporate it into your retail marketing strategy.

Win the Game: How to Get, Keep and Grow Customers

Richard Robinson, General Manager at LeadFamly, shares some thoughts on how to win the game in the current market environment through the power of gamification in marketing.

You Can’t Achieve 2021 SEO Success with 2019 Thinking

Becky Simms, Founder & CEO of Reflect Digital, talks about the future of SEO, how to harness it, and prove that it’s working for you.

Integrating Digital PR into Your SEO and Content Strategy to Build Topical Authority

If you’re not using digital PR as part of your growth plan in 2021, you’re about to get left behind. James Brockbank, Managing Director & Founder of Digitaloft, shares some of the reasons why.

Unbundling Google Ads and Facebook for Successful Marketing Attribution in 2021

Chris Liversidge, CEO of QueryClick, looks at the technicalities of attribution, and why we as marketers are being short-changed by the solutions available to us today. Chris also shows how we can get huge value from accurate attribution, including Google and Facebook.