August 26, 2016

The Figaro Digital Digest: 26th August 2016

By Figaro Digital

26th August 2016

Roll up, roll up, read all about it: Here is our round-up of this week’s biggest news stories from the digital marketing world:

Study Finds 41% of Millennials Use Facebook Every Day

The results of a study by customer acquisition platform Fluent were released this week revealing that 41% of millennials now use Facebook every day.
Other interesting stats reported 24% of millennial smartphone owners said ‘nearly all’ of their online time is spent on their smartphone, with 27% saying ‘most’ of their time. 15% claim to make online purchases on their smartphone multiple times per week, whereas 30% of millennials said they spend every day using Snapchat.

Google Removes AdSense Ad Limit

Google has refreshed its AdSense ad limit policy and has removed the restrictions to the number of ads that can be placed on one page. No longer will marketers be restricted to three AdSense for content units, three link units and two search boxes.
So, why the change? Well, this hasn’t been updated in years, and it is hoped that this will balance the amount of quality content and advertising more evenly.

Under 35s Prefer Digital Customer Services

According to research by Dimension Data, different aged consumers prefer to contact customer services in different ways. Under 35s were found to prefer digital methods, such as on social media or through mobile apps, whereas older customers prefer the telephone or email.


The study also found that the reason for contacting customer services influenced how communication is made. Billing and payment queries are mostly made by telephone, whereas comments or suggestions are mostly done so by email.

Facebook Angers Users for WhatsApp Privacy Backfire

Back in February 2014, Facebook acquired the messaging app WhatsApp and vowed to keep user information private. Now, more than two years on, the social media giant has announced it will be sharing names and phone numbers between the two parties to help its users “to communicate with businesses that matter to you”.
This will then generate friend suggestions and help tailor ads to user interests more closely.

Twitter is Building a Harassment Keyword Filtering Tool

Twitter has long been under scrutiny for its approach to trolls and online abuse. In order to address this issue, it is rumoured that the experts behind the social platform are building a keyword-based tool that will help users filter the posts they see. This will essentially block what individual users feel are harassing or offensive tweets from the main feed.

Google Maps Launches Money Saving Update

Google maps

At the moment, even if you use the offline mode with pre-loaded maps, as soon as a mobile signal is detected it will make the switch. That means, unless your phone is set to airplane mode, it will start eating into your mobile data allowance, often without you noticing.
But, recent reports claim that Google is planning to unveil a new Maps update which will be WIFI only, meaning you’ll no longer waste mobile data finding directions again.

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