05 Nov, 2020

Digital Marketing Summit 5 November 2020

Event Details

UK (your house)

Remember, remember… Our Digital Marketing Summit is a full day event and, this time around, we’re taking it online. With presentations by expert speakers and virtual meetings for discussing your business requirements, you don’t want to miss it! It’s a chance to connect with agencies and marketing solution providers who will provide tailored recommendations for your digital projects and challenges. In sync with the meetings there will be presentations on financial services, travel and leisure, retail and eCommerce, not-for-profit, and B2B.

Brands can apply for a place here. 

Ticket cost for marketing agencies, technology companies, consultants, and recruiters: £495+VAT. Buy two tickets and receive a third free. Book here. 

Email Paul Nichols now for discounts, direct bookings, and any questions regarding the summit.

If you’re from an agency or marketing solutions provider and would like to get involved with either speaking opportunities or 1-2-1 brand meetings, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.


Re-thinking in a Recession

Since lockdown, the Edit planning team have spent many a zoom call discussing the COVID-19 crisis, what it means for the job that they do, what it means for company and consumer interactions, and how mindsets are changing. With a focus on CRM, Polly will be looking at lessons from 2008, how consumers feel today, and how companies can face adversity by better utilising their data. Attendees will come away with key points to consider as they shape their future customer engagement plans.


Don't Fall Behind the Curve: How to Be a Better Marketer amid COVID

The life of a marketer has changed enormously during the pandemic. In this talk you will learn the priorities for today's marketer as you navigate what looks like a COVID future into 2021.


How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy

Video is the most effective way to meet marketing objectives, from raising awareness to increasing engagement. But how do you harness the emotional power of video storytelling? Jon, one of the UK’s leading video strategy experts, will provide practical steps for delivering better results with video content. Discover how to develop your own brand story that engages your audience emotionally and gets results.


Networking Break


Fuelling Growth from Happy Customers

As we steady ourselves for the coming recession, we're all going to have to make our existing assets work harder. One of the most valuable assets you have is your customer base and it's crucial that marketing teams are realising the value of their customers and driving growth. In this session, Courtney will be looking at what customer-led growth is and how to make the most of it. She'll discuss the theory, the consumer psychology, how to apply the thinking and then share some examples of brands that are using it to great effect.


How to Connect with Your Audience

In current challenging times, creating a compelling, human-centric digital experience is more important than ever. Driving action online begins with understanding what your audiences really want, and how they really feel. In our talk, we uncover how to explore your customers’ emotions and needs using behavioural methods to inform your UX strategy. We will take you through a case study to bring the methods to life.


Getting Closer to Customers While We’re All Further Apart

As we all know, businesses of all shapes and sizes are being impacted by the current global pandemic and the measures put in place to control its spread. In this talk, Shaun will address ways to deepen customer relationships, whilst we are further apart.


Lunch and Networking Break


Black Friday: Be Better Prepared and Get Better Results

Considering the unprecedented challenges 2020 has already presented, this year’s Black Friday will be unlike any before. This event may be your last chance this year to drive the ESSENTIAL revenue and customer growth your brand requires. So, do you have the right strategy and action plan to ensure Black Friday 2020 is a MAJOR success for your business? Steve will share some tips and tricks in order to get your holiday season up to speed.


The Personalisation Framework to Achieve Your Goals

Stuck on where to begin with your personalisation strategy? Eddy will introduce you to a hands-on framework that will help you engage shoppers across the customer lifecycle while hitting your individual KPIs and business goals. Whether you want to launch your very first personalisation campaign or expand on what you are already doing, to truly resonate with customers you must understand their diverse preferences, attitudes, shopping occasions, and needs. In this session, Eddy will demonstrate how to use these insights to craft a seamless experience for each individual across multiple channels.


Taking Performance Marketing to the Full Funnel

Performance marketing should not be left with only your advertising campaigns. Favoured detail how they implement performance marketing throughout the entire marketing funnel to increase conversions at every stage.


Networking Break


The Power of Gamification in Marketing

Today, it is harder than ever to have meaningful engagement with your target audiences, and consumers have become snow blind to advertising. But all is not lost. Richard will provide insight into the science behind gamification in marketing, and share examples of how game-based mechanics are transforming the way that businesses are able to get, keep, and grow customers.


Moving Your Website from Good to Great: The 20 Things Every Marketer Needs from Their Website

It's important now more than ever to get your web experience right; so how do we move from an already good user interaction to a great one? We'll share the 20 top things that every marketer needs from their site, both in terms of end-user experience and back-end performance. It's time to level up and expect more from your digital platform.