LAB is the technical innovation agency your customers will thank you for hiring.

We combine behaviour-led thinking with human-first technology to create game-changing digital experiences for businesses looking to drive growth. By putting your audience at the centre of our approach we’re able to create technical solutions to business challenges, from website redesigns and product creation to innovative tech solutions and gamified experiences.

We work closely with our sister companies within the Human First Collective to ensure your projects have clear KPIs for performance that are trackable so that we can demonstrate true ROI.

Together we unlock infinite potential; our technical experts are adept at taking your challenges and creating technical solutions that are human-first, all while defining industry standards to ensure you’re leading the way in next-level innovation.

Working with some of the world’s most innovative companies we’ve collaborated with brands like Carter Jonas, Superdry, Kylie Jenner, Sony, Adidas, Greenwich Peninsula, VO5 and Opayo – among others.


Sylvain Lourgouilloux

Managing Director

With a wealth of expertise in digital marketing, new technology and gamification, Sylvain is leveraging his extensive experience and industry insights to drive a new and innovative future for LAB. As he navigates the future for LAB his focus is on sustainable growth, market trends and emerging opportunities. Sylvain prioritises efficiency, effectiveness and purposeful work...


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