We are Ngoar.

An independent technology company delivering enterprise-level software solutions and systems.

  • Highly skilled, agile, global.
  • Experience across multiple industry sectors.
  • Technology & platform neutral.

Ngoar offers a total end-to-end service, from proof of concept, MVP, consultancy and strategy through to rapid prototyping, architecture, and design & build.

Our expertise covers the whole digital spectrum, from bespoke software integration and digital transformation to banking platforms and cryptocurrency.

Ngoar has more than 12 years’ experience working across a wide range of industry sectors, from banking and pharma to retail and infrastructure.

We’re committed to building successful long-term relationships, based on collaboration, that sustain and grow over time, with the highest levels of client service.

We solve complex business challenges to deliver innovative, bespoke solutions through inspired digital thinking with a results-driven focus. And we’re adept at optimising client budgets through a blended scalable structure.

Ngoar has operated a remote working and WFH model since launch so is perfectly placed to function at optimum efficiency as the business world adapts to COVID-19.

Ngoar has a presence in UK, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, and Switzerland with associate companies in the USA and Canada

Consultancy. Develop and Build. User Experience. Augmented Teams. Rapid Prototyping.


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