October 14, 2016


Ngoar worked alongside urbanest’s lead marketing consultancy Big Frank, to research, design and build the new website for the UK’s premium student accommodation brand, urbanest.

urbanest provides those studying in London with a modern and contemporary place to live in five central London locations.

The Challenge

urbanest needed an optimised website, with an outstanding UX for the digital native students who use it. With its sixth purpose-built accommodation location currently under construction, a site that engaged its key demographic was imperative.

The Strategy

Online research was carried out in order to understand how the target demographic approached websites, analysing their consumer behaviour. The results showed that they were prone to using mobile over other platforms, and more likely to engage and interact in that way.

The Results

As a result, Ngoar developed a responsive, mobile-first experience, given how the target audience was shown to interact with student websites. The solution is an energetic, contemporary and very flexible site, focussing primarily on the prime central London locations, that showcase the very best in modern student accommodation. Users can now browse and view locations, rooms and facilities, as well as booking their rooms online around their specific term times using the fully integrated Pex system, and accessing a comprehensive Student Journal.

The ‘mobile first’ web design was also incorporated into the off-line collateral and email design for a consistent brand experience.