February 18, 2022


Eosolve: EO data-driven insight made easy.

About Waybester

Waybester is a pioneering, technology company focused on the fast- growing space sector. It aims to revolutionise how Earth Observation satellite data, or EO data, is accessed and used, making it simple, easy, and available to all.

Waybester’s mission is to democratise the availability of EO data and analysis tools for the greater good of the planet. This has the potential to empower a wide range of industry sectors, government bodies, and organisations, and bring enormous benefits to the world we live in.

Waybester’s clear vision and ambition is helping drive forward the democratisation of Earth Observation satellite data.

The challenge

Ngoar were engaged by Waybester as partners in the venture and given a unique and challenging brief. They were tasked to create, develop, and build a new Business Intelligence platform focused on EO data and satellite imagery.

The Business Intelligence platform’s function would be to be able to offer multiple sectors quick, easy, and cost-effective access to Earth Observation satellite data and EO data-derived insight.

The strategy

As part of this long-term project Ngoar, working in active partnership with Waybester, initially established a strategy to:

  • Deliver a proof of concept and rapid prototype of the Business Intelligence platform.
  • Design and build the supporting website.
  • Research and develop examples of use cases across a range of business verticals.
  • Create a brand name and brand identity for the Business Intelligence platform.

Ngoar offered a total service covering every aspect of the Business Intelligence platform’s journey from concept to reality. Develop and build activity was driven throughout by Ngoar’s technology and platform neutral philosophy and approach.

The results

The result of this project is Eosolve, an intuitive, easy-to-use, Business Intelligence platform that offers EO-data driven insight made accessible and easily available.

Eosolve can be used to solve problems and find bespoke solutions in a wide range of sectors, empowering businesses, industry, organisations, and governments to make better decisions.

It also has the potential to increase the use of Earth Observation data through the creation of a “go-to” marketplace for sector-specific software developers and end-users across a range of verticals.

* User-friendly cloud-based analytics platform with data brokering functionality and peer production incentivisation.

* Universal access to EO data-derived insight.

* Quick, easy, and cost-effective.

* Simple user interface.

* Flexible architecture to enable rapid use case adoption.

Eosolve is comprehensive and totally customisable offering potentially limitless information layers, that can be tailored to user needs with up-to-date, timestamped satellite images.

Business Verticals

As the website narrative highlights, Eosolve has exciting potential across a range of business verticals including:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Energy.
  • Environmental (including food).
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Security/surveillance.
  • Insurance (risk modelling).
  • Government services.
  • Disaster resilience.

And more.

Future growth

EO data sources today are very complex and demand high technical knowledge to interpret.

With Eosolve, EO-data can be simplified and democratised as part of a new technology wave driving this fast-growing sector. A massive investment programme is underway in this business space. There has been a 350 per cent growth in EO satellites since 2014 and 600 new EO satellites are planned by 2030. It is also predicted that the data analytics and insight UK market will be valued at £2 billion by 2030.

With the successful development partnership between Ngoar and Waybester ongoing, a range of Eosolve applications are being researched and investigated across different sectors.



“Ngoar’s technology expertise and experience meant that our expectations of what could be delivered in Project Eosolve were not just met but way surpassed. It has been very gratifying to see Waybester’s vision for an EO-data platform be turned into a tangible reality.

“Earth Observation analysis and data insight will have an important role in how we face and resolve some of the challenges of the world we live in today. Waybester and Eosolve are ready to play their part in meeting these challenges.” – G Sweny, Founder, Waybester

“Our partnership with Waybester has been and continues to be a really exciting and rewarding experience. The Ngoar team have found it very satisfying being able to design, develop, and build such an innovative initiative as Eosolve in what must be one of the most dynamic technology sectors there is right now. EO data-driven insight could be a real game-changer for the world in many ways. Ngoar are honoured to be involved in what could be a ground-breaking new wave of technology.” – P Meadows, CEO, Ngoar

“Working in a close and collaborative partnership with Waybester to bring Eosolve from a vision and idea to a reality has been a truly exciting journey for all of the team at Ngoar who have helped shape it.  Waybester are delighted with the outcome. And so are we. We look forward to moving forward together in this dynamic and pioneering space as Eosolve continues to evolve.” – M Warren, Communications Director, Ngoar