November 12, 2020

Four Small Steps to Achieve Big Digital Transformation

By Cathy Kading at Cheetah Digital

Back in July, on Cheetah Digital’s podcast Uncaged WisdomTeresa Sperti of Arctik Fox and Rajan Kumar of The Lumery joined Julian Bracey-Davis to discuss digital transformation. In this article, Cathy Kading, VP Global PMO at Cheetah Digital, keeps the conversation going.

One of my favorite quotes was Teresa saying “transformation needs a catalyst,” and we could not have had a more extreme or sudden catalyst than a global pandemic. We have all been talking about COVID-19 for what feels like 11 years now, but if you have not evaluated digital transformation for your organisation, there is no better time. Maybe you are struggling with the common perception that digital transformation is big and expensive or that you don’t know where to start and figure the company won’t pay for it now. I have a perspective that may help.

In my years of helping companies transform and evolve their businesses, one of the differentiators between successful organisations and everyone else is that consistent success comes from incremental change. This is how you effectively innovate at scale and speed, thereby transforming your org. It’s common to get trapped in the “Big Bang” approach to transformation — that everything happens in once great burst of inspiration — but it’s also one of the primary drivers of failure. The good news is that you can take on enterprise digital transformation in small and incremental ways, gaining momentum, thereby shifting the tide of your business. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in this space and helped them to see that through experimentation and other simple changes, they can realise digital transformation gradually, then suddenly.

So, where do you start? I’m going to walk you through four incremental ways you can approach digital marketing transformation, for large scale success.  

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By Cathy Kading at Cheetah Digital