June 9, 2020

Five Tips on Future Proofing Against Any Algorithm Update

It’s no secret that Google’s regular algorithm updates can cause huge stress and panic. Whether you’re an experienced SEO or running your own website, there are two things we can agree on: these frequent updates can leave us with a big headache, and you can’t cheat Google.

For years, we’ve been told that we can “cheat the system”. It started with making sure your keyword is everywhere. Then, it was making sure you had any and all backlinks. But now, Google’s algorithm is clever enough to see through these superficial tactics.

So, what can we do about it?

Here are five tips from Rebecca Todd, SEO Manager at Ryman, on how to use consumer behaviour and psychology to future-proof against algorithm updates.

1. The same search can mean different things

Different users can search the same thing but expect different results. This is not just affected by location or demographic, but also the psychology of the user, and the intent of the thing they’re searching.

2. Think about the customer

We have to think of what the customer wants – what results do they need?

3. Don’t just rely on stereotypes

We rely on demographics alone, and end up missing a vast amount of opportunity.

4. Remember that Google is a business, too

Google want to grow their customer base and their brand, and want to keep customers coming back, so it has to give them what they want. The biggest source for us as SEOs is Google itself – it’s in the SERPs.

5. Don’t forget the key tips outlined by Moz

…but these should be add-ons.

Rebecca will be discussing this in more detail in our SEO, PPC & Display Webinar on Thursday 11 June. Click here to register, or email Paul Nichols for more information.