25 Mar, 2021

Retail & Ecommerce: Digital Marketing Spotlight 25 March 2021

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Through modern-day retail the possibilities are endless; as are the headaches! The space is constantly transforming, with new technologies becoming available for retailers to attract new and existing customers. Which makes it increasingly competitive, difficult to navigate, and almost impossible to get cut through.

Our Retail and eCommerce webinar brings together a mix of leading retailers, agencies, and tech providers to discuss how they are embracing digital transformation, as well as the challenges encountered, strategies adopted, and lessons learned. They will share ideas on how brands can build authenticity, trust, innovation, growth, and engagement that will allow you to move from talk to action.

The Q&A panel discussion will give you the chance to submit questions to the speakers so you can get some answers to your digital marketing challenges, and share ideas and experience.

This is a morning webinar, starting at 10:00.

If you have any questions regarding the event please email  Paul Nichols.

For speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.


Influencer Marketing: the 360°on Funnel Fundamentals

In this talk, Rebecca will share how you can turn your most influential customers into your creative, marketing, and sales departments. She will explain why performance is so important, and give insight and examples of how you can combine the power of authentic word of mouth marketing with sophisticated ad targeting capabilities to reach your target audience. She will also cover the explosion of social commerce, the immense value it creates for brands, and 2021 watch-outs.


How to Unlock Growth with Marketing Attribution

2020 was a year like no other. And the start of 2021 hasn’t been much better. With budgets being slashed and big name retailers going bust, what should retail marketers be doing right now to not only recover in times of increasing uncertainty – but actually grow their business? Join QueryClick CEO, Chris Liversidge, as he explores why retailers need to invest in marketing attribution in 2021, and how to achieve a deeper level of granularity with campaign attribution.


Shoppable Social Proof: Creating Ecommerce Experiences That Inspire Discovery and Purchase
Andy Mallinson

Managing Director


So much about how we shop has changed, but the power of social proof remains. As online shopping surges and competition increases, it’s more challenging for brands to break through the noise to engage and convert scroll-happy shoppers who have high expectations and low trust in brands. Visual social proof has already been impactful in helping retailers reach shoppers on social networks. But the value of social proof can (and should) extend far beyond social channels. In this presentation, Andy will share how retailer marketers can create engaging eCommerce experiences by leveraging shoppable social proof throughout their entire customer journey.


What Is Live Video Shopping, Live Video Commerce, and Livestream Shopping?

Live video shopping is taking China by storm, and quickly taking hold in the US and Europe. So, what is live video shopping and how does it work? What trends are we seeing that make the mash up of livestream video and eCommerce relevant today? This presentation breaks these trends down, and examines the tech and operational elements of connected video commerce and how this can become a new sales channel for brands and retailers alike.


Astrid & Miyu’s Digital Marketing Evolution

Lauren explores the contemporary jewellery brand’s digital marketing strategy, and how it’s developed over the years. She will be looking at its successful campaigns and what has worked for the brand across paid marketing activity on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest. Lauren will also delve into how A&M is utilising marketing on new platforms and what the future looks like for Astrid & Miyu.


Q&A Panel Discussion