08 Apr, 2021

Financial Services: Digital Marketing Spotlight 8 April 2021

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With online banking and mobile apps dominating the way consumers now manage their money, the financial services industry faces challenges and opportunities.

Join our webinar and learn how to harness to power of digital to engage customers in the financial sector. Our mix of banks, wealth management organisations, agencies, and tech providers will discuss how to navigate compliance issues, among other digital marketing challenges in the financial services space.

After the presentations, our speakers will run a Q&A and panel discussion, giving you the chance to ask them about the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

If you have any questions regarding the event please email Paul Nichols.

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Digital PR That Drives Real Business Value

Digital PR should be about more than just vanity metrics. David will discuss how connective3 have delivered digital PR strategies that have driven paid and organic performance for their clients. With extensive experience across highly regulated industries including insurance, banking, loans, and more, David’s approach of "Strategic Creativity" has helped connective3 to drive business changing results.


Building and Maintaining Consumer Trust with Video

Consumer trust is vital to the financial sector, but how do brands build it and keep it? This engaging talk by leading video marketing expert Jon Mowat looks at how video content is a vital component in brand strategy, and explores how to use it to build awareness and trust. The talk covers best practice and case studies, along with industry insights.


Cutting Through the Noise: Using Game Mechanics to Get, Keep, and Grow Customers in Financial Services

Marketing in the financial services sectors faces unique challenges, from low levels of consumer interest and decreasing confidence and trust to the constraints of compliance and regulation. In his presentation, Richard will provide insight and examples of how firms are using interactive content to engage and excite consumers whilst driving tangible business impact every day.


Q&A Panel Discussion