26 Apr, 2018

Digital Marketing Summit 26 April 2018

Event Details

Park Plaza London Riverbank, 18 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London SE1 7TJ

The Figaro Digital Summit is your one-stop-shop for insight, inspiration and industry connections.

A full day of presentations, 1-2-1 meetings tailored to your business needs, roundtables based on your choice, and plenty of quality networking opportunities. Altogether, making your time out of the office efficient, relevant, and valuable.

Join 200 delegates and a team of expert speakers as they examine current and future trends across the digital marketing industry.

How does it work?
Through a careful pre-selection process, Figaro Digital matches delegates with the digital agencies and technology companies who can meet your specific needs. Meet the experts face-to-face to get advice for your upcoming projects.

Delegates also have the opportunity to participate in our roundtable sessions. Topics under discussion include analytics and data, content marketing, CX, ecommerce, email and CRM, search, social media and multichannel marketing, UX, geo-location, video and more.

What’s in it for you?
As well as a full day of presentations in the seminar theatre, this is an opportunity for delegates to connect with recommended agencies who’ll provide informed and tailored insight.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.

The event is free of charge for brand marketers. If you have any questions please call us on 0207 870 3380 or email Paul Nichols.

If you’re from an agency or marketing solutions provider and would like to get involved, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.


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AI And Chatbots: The Future Of Email Marketing

Email is among the highest performing marketing channels, regularly outpacing other channels and ranks near the top for ROI. With the rise of AI, specifically in chatbot implementation, the question for many businesses is: should I be adopting this digital trend? In this presentation Georgia examines factors such as platform functionalities, user demographics, and the intimacy of the two mediums and how when used together they can help create powerful marketing strategies. Understand just how effective this can be with a case study from Cruise1st. If you send email and want to stay ahead of the game, this is one not to be missed!


How To Make AI And Machine Learning Work For You Today

Everyone in the industry is talking about how personalisation, driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, promises to fundamentally change the way that marketers communicate with their audience; but few companies are actually delivering tangible business results. Join Joey Moore and Sam Ineson as they take you through the different types of personalisation used by brands today and what is involved in implementing and managing the different approaches.


Cutting Through BS: How YOU Can Differentiate Actual AI From Buzzword Baloney

There's loads of BS out there about AI these days. And whilst many companies seemingly switch from one buzzword to another every other day - how can you, a marketer, differentiate actual AI from buzzword baloney? Phrasee uses AI to generate and optimise marketing language and in this presentation their CEO, Parry Malm, will show you how marketers can differentiate actual AI from shined-up buzzwords. And, more importantly, how to use it to increase revenue (which is kind of important).


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Building Trust And Confidence: AI Marketing Readiness In Retail And Ecommerce
Raj Balasundaram

Global Head of Solutions


The gap between the readiness of AI marketing solutions to execute on real-time B2C marketing campaigns, and the readiness of marketers and business leadership teams to adopt such technology is closing. Brands that wish to realise the significant benefits of this important area and differentiate themselves must clearly understand this gap, and then create their own AIM roadmap to compete in today’s crowded business landscape. Are you ready for AI?


Why GDPR Will Be The Biggest Opportunity In Digital Marketing

Don’t fear the post-GDPR era. It’s an opportunity for good marketing to take centre stage. Ian’s talk focuses on the positives of GDPR and what it means for customer engagement and the future of digital marketing. He’ll explore how consumers gaining power over their data intersects with changes in online behaviour, to shape our marketing world. Expect both actionable takeaways and future trends, amongst a refreshing take on GDPR legislation.


AI and EQ - How AI Can Make Every Customer Interaction More Human

Research consistently shows that emotion is the key driver of customer outcomes, but for marketers, knowing how to effectively use emotions and language to forge stronger customer relationships feels like an impossible goal. But what if we told you that every customer interaction can be meaningful? At the heart of making this connection is language and the emotions language conveys. In this session learn how AI can help you utilise emotion successfully, ultimately personalising it in the customer’s experience of the entire brand. See the results of EQ driven marketing drives and how leading brands are using AI to make every customer communication more personal and, dare we say, more human.


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Making Branded Content People Will Actually Care About

With 4.6 billion pieces of content produced daily - by consumers, brands, and everyone in between - it has become a necessity to understand what makes fundamentally great content, that lands with our respective audience, builds brand equity, and ultimately shifts the dial in terms of business sales. In his presentation Coris Leachman, Business Director and Partner at Impero, will explore the three fundamental points of interactive content and what engages users online that so many brands miss.


How To Maximise The Impact Of Your Content With Great Audience Analysis

Too often, brands try to apply the ‘one size fits all’ approach to their content marketing strategy. In his presentation Simon will look at some of the ways you can exploit your own analytics and best of breed industry tools for grouping your customers into different personas to determine the types of content they want and how to effectively engage with them online.


Put Your Audience First

An inspirational keynote is packed with thought-provoking ideas, stats, and examples of where brands have put their audience first. Christopher’s presentation is brimming with great takeaways perfect for business leaders, agencies, and marketers who wish to better engage with their audience.


Networking And Refreshment Break


Breaking Down Marketing Channel Silos To Maximise Performance Marketing

Too often brands use different agencies and internal departments for different marketing channels, with limited coordination between them. This siloed approach means a lack of visibility and insights, leading to duplication and inefficiency. House of Kaizen will share their unique partnership with McAfee to demonstrate how true integrated digital marketing can drive significant and consistent end-to-end growth.


Finding The Human In AI

In this talk, Jacqui will look at both human and artificial intelligence, and the impact both can have on our advertising campaigns. She will reflect on how we can, as marketeers, work symbiotically alongside machine learning to create better campaigns built on richer insights.


The Importance Of Brand Building For Search

The world of search is evolving faster than it ever has before thanks to AI, Machine Learning, improvements in mobile technology, and a matured user base. With search engines such as Google now focusing on things over strings, and human behaviour over proxy metrics, it’s time to look beyond keywords and links to see how more traditional marketing and brand building activity could be driving success online.

17:00 - 19:00

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