25 Oct, 2018

Digital Marketing Summit 25 October 2018

Event Details

Park Plaza Victoria London, 239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EQ

The Figaro Digital Summit is your one-stop-shop for insight, inspiration and industry connections.

A full day of presentations, 1-2-1 meetings tailored to your business needs, and plenty of quality networking opportunities. Altogether, making your time out of the office efficient, relevant, and valuable.

Join 200 delegates and a team of expert speakers as they examine current and future trends across the digital marketing industry.

How does it work?
Through a careful pre-selection process, Figaro Digital matches delegates with the digital agencies and technology companies who can meet your specific needs. Meet the experts face-to-face to get advice for your upcoming projects.

Topics under discussion include SEO, PPC, web build, analytics and data, content marketing, CX, ecommerce, email and CRM, social media and multichannel marketing, influencer marketing, UX, geo-location, video and more.

What’s in it for you?
As well as a full day of presentations in the seminar theatre, this is an opportunity for delegates to connect with recommended agencies who’ll provide informed and tailored insight.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.

The event is free of charge for brand marketers. If you have any questions please call us on 0207 870 3380 or email Paul Nichols.

If you’re from an agency or marketing solutions provider and would like to get involved, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.


Registration And Networking Breakfast


Chairperson Welcome


Human Driven Personalisation Doesn’t Scale

The gap between the readiness of AI marketing solutions to execute on real-time B2C marketing campaigns, and the readiness of marketers and business leadership teams to adopt such technology is closing. Brands that wish to realise the significant benefits of this important area and differentiate themselves must clearly understand this gap, and then create their own AIM roadmap to compete in today’s crowded business landscape. Are you ready for AI?


User Focused SEO

Modern SEO is more user focused than ever with Google acting like just another user of your website with very specific needs and limitations. In this session Malcolm will discuss how Google is changing its focus towards intent, looking to steal your visitors and how you can counter via a very user focused approach to your SEO.


Accelerating The Impact Of Digital CX Initiatives

Worthy Digital Customer Experiences have been central to many organisations’ successes and growth stories over the last 10 years. In today’s hyper competitive environment, teams are looking for greater data driven thinking and greater analysis of their customers. It is readily accepted that convergence between B2B and B2C client behavior and expectations is widespread. While implementation challenges persist. DCX programmes find progress heavy going due to the inherent complexities underpinning such plans. We understand that. So, what are some proven approaches and even tools to accelerate progress. So as to better understand our customers and also start to forecast future behavior. There are many great examples of customer experiences, let’s explore together.


Networking And Refreshment Break


Link Building In 2018 – Why Content Is Still King (And Buying Links Will Always End Badly)

Buying links used to be standard practice in the SEO industry until Google started handing out manual penalties. Google’s view of paid links remains the same, yet link buying is growing again. We’ll show you how to generate high quality natural links, and highlight some of the dangers of paying for them.


Thumb-stopping; How To Grab Attention With Branded Content

How do you get users to stop scrolling and engage? With increased connectivity, a bewildering array of content, mysterious platform algorithms, and a distracted audience, the competition for attention is fiercer than ever. Amy and Brían share best practice principles so you can make the most of your mobile content and grab the attention of your audience.


How To Create A Winning Video Marketing Strategy

Video is the most effective way to meet your marketing objectives from raising awareness to increasing engagement and sales. But how do you harness the emotional power of video storytelling to meet your goals? Join us for an interactive talk from one of the UK’s leading video strategy experts, who will provide practical steps for marketing professionals looking to deliver better results with video content. Discover how to develop your own brand story that engages your audience emotionally and gets results.


Networking Lunch


Your Email Strategy Is Sh*t – We Need To Talk….

OK maybe not YOUR emails, but overall we've seen some pretty shocking stats when it comes to email not just in the UK, but worldwide! Gavin will highlight not only the emerging trends in email automation but also clearly demonstrate that many marketers still struggle with the basics. Through practical examples from well-known brands you will see the changes in consumer’s attitudes towards marking communications, the changes in technology and whether or not batch and blast is truly dead.


Making Awesome Email in 2018

Email is more than the workhorse of digital marketing — it’s an amazing channel that often delivers the best results for marketers. In this talk Elliot will look at campaigns that have pushed the boundaries of email, and how these ideas can be successfully harnessed by your own team.


Does Viewability Need A Health Check?

Ensuring your advertising is seen is a logical expectation in marketing. However, what does viewability actually mean today and how are different brands approaching the challenge? Nick King will look at what viewability metrics actually mean and what brand marketers should expect from suppliers when buying media online.


Networking And Refreshment Break


The Biggest Mistakes Search Marketers Make
Laura Crimmons

Head of PR & Social

Edit Ltd

In this session Laura will run through some of the mistakes she has seen in her career that hold back search marketing campaigns’ performance and reporting. This will also include remedies for these mistakes to maximise the impact of your campaigns and how you can better report on them.


How Social Media Can Support Your PR Campaigns

We're increasingly consuming our news online, with Ofcom reporting in 2016 that 56% of online news users say the BBC is their number one source and Facebook appearing as a clear second news source, at 27%. More news stories are breaking on social media than ever, causing journalist’s use of social media to spike. What others say about your brand defines it, yet in an era plagued with fake news, it’s alarming that so many are failing to utilise social media for PR purposes. Social media has disrupted PR and filtering social into our PR strategy is now a must. Hear David White, Associate Director of Content Marketing, discuss how to integrate social media and PR.


How AI Generated Marketing Language Helps Brands Speak In A Unified And Authentic Voice

Good marketers are spending lots of time and resources on figuring out who their audience is, what to promote to them, and when. But creative optimisation is still a blind spot. To date, artificial intelligence applied to marketing has improved efficiencies through automation and predictive insights, but marketers are still faced with the challenge of telling natural, personalised stories at scale that can reflect their own stories and brand identity. Find out how the application of narrative language gives brands the ability to scale and tell unique stories using genuine, natural language.


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