19 May, 2022

Digital Marketing Summit 19 May 2022

Event Details

The Cinema at Selfridges


Discover how to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital world at our Digital Marketing Summit. Join us for a jam-packed day of 1-2-1 meetings, networking, and presentations from expert speakers on the latest trends in SEO, PPC, email, CRM, video, content, performance marketing, web build, eCommerce, gamification, and more.

The summit is a great day out for marketers who are looking for solutions to their digital projects and challenges. In sync with the presentations, Figaro Digital will create a bespoke meeting agenda for you based on your business requirements. For brands looking to attend, please fill in the registration survey to let us know what digital projects you’re working on.

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Complimentary brand tickets are available to senior level decision-makers that agree to a minimum number of 1-2-1 meetings with relevant agencies. Apply hereContact Eleanor Pyne for more information.

Are you from an agency or MarTech company? You can also get involved in the event with either speaking opportunities or 1-2-1 brand meetings. Please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk to find out more.

Email Eleanor Pyne now for direct bookings, and any questions regarding the summit.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.


Registration & Networking Breakfast


The Future of Search

Artefact look at the evolution of both SEO and SEA and the rapidly changing and evolving landscape; looking to the future to cover future trends such as cookieless targeting, smart appliance search, and voice as an inventory.


Swimming in the Lake or Drowning in the Swamp?

KMP Digitata will take a look at how, by not starting with the data, you can drive real value from within your organisation with simplicity and speed – from personalisation to AI Simon will give you some real examples where organisations have applied a curiosity mindset empowered by data to generate real value.


Unlock the Exponential Power of Your Fans

Simon Dring is COO at Mention Me, the leading customer advocacy and referral platform. With years of experience in helping businesses from Farfetch to Nutmeg to Ocado to harness the exponential power of their fans, Simon can explain why turning customers into advocates is the very best overall strategy for your business growth.


Networking & Refreshment Break


Bridge the Gap Between What Your Customers Say Versus How They Play

Want a game changer for your marketing? Your customers will share more preferences and first-party data when you include game mechanics in your brand experiences. Join Sarah as she looks into why actions don’t align to intentions, and what this means for you and your audience. She’ll pull in consumer research Leadfamly conducted with YouGov and compare it to Leadfamly’s platform data to draw insights you can’t find anywhere else.


Exponentially Increasing Your Return from Paid Media
Jon Quinton

Agency Director


This session will focus on not just driving revenue from your paid media strategy, but ensuring you optimising “beyond the click” to dramatically increase your ROI. Within the presentation you will learn about data points to keep a check on, useful reports in Google Analytics, and tools you can use to optimise towards a greatly improved return on your ad spend.

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Foolish Behaviour: Twelve Behavioural Biases to Help Decode Your Customers

Humans do the funniest things. Behaviour may sometimes seem unpredictable and irrational. Thankfully there is an evidence-based way to decode how people make decisions. Bea will introduce 12 behavioural biases to help decode your customers. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to use this to your advantage across your marketing and digital strategies.

Figaro Digital 21s


TikTok: The Unavoidable Future of Marketing

In this talk, social media expert and author Jon Mowat will be introducing TikTok for the uninitiated, looking at how brands can grow using this exciting new space and showing you the pitfalls to avoid. Expect lots of actionable insights, a lot of chat about algorithms, and maybe even a funny dance.

Figaro Digital 21s


Performance Versus Branding: What’s the Right Way to Success?

Raul will analyse both branding and performance marketing strategies, and discuss what’s the most effective way to reach the desired objectives in the short- and long-term, depending on the stage of the company.


Marketing Insights from the Inside

Every day our brains are over-stimulated with hundreds of marketing messages. In a split second we determine whether to respond or not. Simon presents findings from Spotler’s one-of-a-kind research, giving you insights into the way our brains read emails, and tells you the best layout. He’ll also share the secrets that Spotler have to offer to drive revenue, generate more leads and perform better marketing automation.


Networking Lunch