At KMP Digitata user-centred digital systems are built with reason and purpose in line with clients’ business objectives that delight the user and deliver return on our clients’ investment. In order to do this, a mix of the best strategic, creative and technical staff are employed in the North West. KMP takes the time to understand their clients, their users and combine that information with knowledge of web behaviour and technology to plan the project or campaign and understand what benefits will be delivered and how that success will be measured. KMP ensures that they remain abreast of technology developments and current best practise regarding design and development frameworks. KMP’s design philosophy is user-centric.


Simon Haven

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of KMP Digitata, Simon Haven leads a talented, award wining, team that enable organisations do more with clever digital thinking. He works closely with KMP Digitata’s clients in order to help affect change digitally. Taking a lean approach to everything he does, Simon ensures that as an agency KMP Digitata collaborate with their...

Gerard Daring

Business Development Director

Gez is part of the team at KMP Digitata that works with client to understand the psychology of the audience and decipher their needs and opportunities for digital engagement. This understanding is distilled into a focused user-experience mission that informs all aspects of the project: UX optimisation, design, Front end, CMS development, systems integration and...

Cezara Pallister

Marketing Manager

Janet Critchley

Finance Manager


Data, Digital Marketing • 28/05/22

Swimming in the Lake or Drowning in the Swamp?

By Simon Haven, Managing Director at KMP Digitata