Headquartered in Reading, UK, Workbooks offers growing companies a SaaS platform to run their business and engage effectively with their customers – at an affordable price. Its core CRM services are aimed specifically at mid-market organisations and extend beyond sales, marketing, and customer services to include a full suite of marketing automation tools, as well as event management, order management and fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management functionalities.

This is not a departmental solution, but a true end-to-end CRM solution. Workbooks designs, develops, and implements its own software, which is used by customers to grow revenues, streamline business processes, get insights, and improve their engagement with clients.


Workbooks is less expensive both in terms of licences and implementation costs – minimum 50 per cent less than mainstream alternatives.

We offer a price-per-user model for CRM software, and a volume-based pricing model for Marketing Automation. Details of our pricing can be found on our website.


Workbooks has developed a unique consultative approach to on-boarding clients called “Shared Success”. This approach involves a discovery workshop with prospective clients, before they commit to buying our solution. The workshop is always run with the prospect’s senior management team in order to define the business case and how it can be achieved using CRM. Once the engagement is complete, the prospect has a clear understanding of how to achieve a return on their investment and a complete CRM roadmap for their business.

Our unique approach to on-boarding and the quality of our platform are the main reasons we have a high customer satisfaction rating (source G2). The Workbooks platform has won numerous awards and is highly rated by users.

Our approach to product development recognises that mid-sized organisations often have the complexity of enterprise accounts, but don’t have the budgets or IT expertise to implement and “glue-together” lots of different systems. We focus on ensuring our technology enables customers to get value quickly, by ensuring their common business processes can be quickly deployed inside our platform.


Christelle Fraysse FCIM

Chief Marketing Officer
Workbooks Online

A seasoned marketing leader with over 20 years of global business experience, Christelle has particular expertise in establishing and managing international marketing operations for global enterprise software businesses. Prior to Workbooks, Christelle held numerous senior leadership positions at private and publicly traded organisations, and was Director, Marketing EMEA, at BEA Systems.


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