October 27, 2021

TCMM Shutter Group Grows Revenues by £1 Million Using Workbooks CRM

October 2021, Reading UK: Workbooks, the world’s number one CRM for customer satisfaction, announces that its working relationship with TCMM Shutter Group Ltd – one of the UK’s leading providers of interior window shutters – has enabled the business to grow its sales by £1 million and increase conversions during customer visits by 15 per cent.

Since it was founded in 2002, TCMM has grown to comprise five brands with global reach: Shutterly Fabulous; California Shutters; DIY Shutters; The Shutter Store; and Carter & Clark. By 2017, TCMM was running on multiple systems as a result, including OpenCRM, Kentico, and a multitude of spreadsheets. These prevented a unified view of data across the Group, limiting the extraction of business insights.

It was at this point that TCMM first turned to Workbooks cloud-based CRM to support remote sales consultants working for the Shutterly Fabulous brand. The objective was to make it easier to select the best consultant to visit a customer, and to allow them to create accurate quotes during visits, in order for customers to sign up and pay a deposit instantly.

By November 2019, the solution had been rolled out across the organisation to unify and streamline other processes. Now, everything is managed through Workbooks CRM, from shipping through to customer communications and consultant commission calculations, even invoicing integrated via Sagelink.

“I didn’t expect we’d be able to use CRM for the entire end-to-end process with a business as complex as ours, but now Workbooks is integrated into everything we do. The efficiencies and insights that it’s generated have been transformational,” explains Sam Tamlyn, General Manager at TCMM.

Further, Workbooks met this original objective by enabling TCMM’s network of field consultants to input customer requirements into the system in real time. Input error is now far less likely as a result, and a major time saving has been achieved by removing many of the manual processes for delivering a quote and approving the order. The system can also record which windows within a customer’s home are still without shutters, providing TCMM with the opportunity to be more segmented in their marketing approach in the future.

TCMM has a complicated business model, with countless ways to configure shutters, five brands, and three different sales channels: sales agents visiting customer homes; white-labelled shutters through, for example, John Lewis; and an online offering for those who can fit shutters themselves. Since rolling out Workbooks throughout the Group, TCMM benefits from far greater visibility over the entire process. As a result, significant revenue growth has been achieved, while the company’s headcount has remained the same.

“Using a single platform enables TCMM to get a unified view of the business, and this gives the team far greater control and insight both at a high level but also in granular detail,” adds Vicky Bibby, TCMM Digital Development Manager. “We now know how well the team is performing and have been able to become more digitally focused.”

John Cheney, CEO of Workbooks, concludes, “CRM is a journey, and it is clear to see the huge progress the team at TCMM Shutter Group has made on theirs. To achieve CRM success on this scale requires not only the right technology, but a strong partnership and strategy centred around a unique set of challenges and business objectives. We look forward to helping TCMM achieve even greater business insight, agility, and growth in the years to come.”