Paragon DCX is a digital acceleration agency. We exist to offer brands a versatile partner to tackle complex business, marketing, and digital challenges. We are part of the Paragon group.

Our expertise extends across digital and marketing strategy, designing and building digital products and platforms, collecting and analysing data, and crafting impactful creative and communications that change customer behaviour.

Paragon DCX has been around for over 20 years in different guises. We are the coming-together of globally-renowned creative, data, and customer communications powerhouses; digital experience specialists; marketing automation rock-stars; and mobile application, digital product and platform gurus.

We have delivered award-winning work, and transformed marketing and business for brands such as Pepper Financial Services, Artemis, Goldman Sachs, Coventry Building Society, Skipton Building Society, Valley Bank, Eaton Vance, and Aviva as well as many more.

With a laser focus on driving better customer engagement, capturing insights for better decisions, streamlining business operations, and driving commercial growth, we help organisations all around the world.


Marc Michaels

Strategy and Insight Director

Having worked in private sector, non-for profit and Government for 30+ years on campaigns at COI and Parkhouse, Marc provides the overall strategic approach using insight to deliver hundreds of high-profile campaigns. A champion of thinking data and talking human, outcome-based planning, creative and evaluation.

Peter Paterson

Managing Director

Peter is a digital leader with an entrepreneurial and agile mindset, and a firm belief that strategy and execution are two sides of the same coin. Peter’s focus is driving growth through digital solutions and agile methods that can help our clients achieve business objectives quicker and smarter than their competitors.



Meeting Client Challenges Through Outcome-based Planning

By Marc Michaels, Strategy and Insight Director at Paragon DCX