A full service social & content agency fuelled by talent & tech, navigating the complex world of digital communications for 16 years. Our mission is to reach social & content maturity to build power for brands, embracing technological opportunities.

We believe that you can’t reach social & content maturity without motivating and mobilising talent, working hard at stakeholder management and embracing technological opportunity. We believe that strategy doesn’t live within a playbook, we’re about training, education and behaviour change. We believe in efficiency driving through technology – our proprietary AI image generator tool Coach has already benefited multiple clients to improve efficiencies and ways of working.


Kate Ross

Co-Founder and Group Managing Director

Kate co-founded eight&four, one of the original native digital agencies to emerge in the UK, in 2008. eight&four now leads the eight&four Group, a 130+ people network of specialist social, experiential and content agencies. Technology has always been at the heart of eight&four, and 12 months ago eight&four began building platform12 – a proprietary AI...

Amy McCulloch

Co-Founder and Group Managing Director

Amy McCulloch is Joint Managing Director of eight&four, a modern communications agency helping lifestyle brands transform relationships with their consumers through digital. Amy has over 10 years’ experience under her belt in developing and implementing global social strategies for brands such as Melia, Marie Curie, and Pernod Ricard. Her drive to help brands grow and...


AI, B2B • 30/04/24

Is GenAI an extinction level threat for the marketing industry?

By Kate Ross, Co-Founder and Group Managing Director at eight&four

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