Using AI-powered PPC to Increase Revenue by 489 Per Cent

Agency: Jaywing

Brand: Domino's

The Challenge

Domino’s Pizza, UK and Ireland, operates in the ultra-competitive takeaway and delivery market. This category has been transformed in the past 10 years by the rise of Just Eat, and more recently by Deliveroo and Uber Eats. This has led to Domino’s having to invest significantly into paid media to maintain and grow market share against competitors.

Historically, Domino’s partnered with PPC agencies to manage its PPC in a traditional way, using expert analysts and internal digital marketers. Jaywing Intelligence approached the pizza brand and proposed a three-month trial using Decision, Jaywing Intelligence’s AI-powered PPC platform.

The Strategy

Jaywing has reinvented Domino’s PPC strategy with a new approach to targeting using Decision, our sophisticated AI-powered PPC management platform.

Decision is programmed to implement the most effective strategy using a variety of data sources without human bias to ensure the right keywords are considered based on search activity. Our work has enabled Domino’s to grow perceived quiet periods and maximise peak ordering times, implementing changes that have reduced the brand’s cost per sale while increasing sales volume.

The adaptable, always-on approach meant we quickly identified new audiences who hadn’t seen significant activity – from Domino’s or its competitors. Using this fresh insight, we implemented a new strategy to engage and increase spend from them.

The Results

The results have been spectacular.

As well as delivering significant revenue in time periods that had been previously underutilised, it also grew revenues at the core times of day.

  • 537 per cent highest hourly revenue growth.
  • 33.6 per cent rise in PPC orders during 2018.
  • 8.9% per cent reduction in media spend.

We were the winners of the Data & Performance Marketing Award at BIMA, the winners of the PPC Campaign of the Year and Best use of Data at the UK Digital Growth Awards, and we won the Search Campaign of the Year at the Prolific North Awards.

Karl Boyce, Head of Digital & CRM at Domino’s UK & Ireland comments, “Our partnership with Jaywing has meant that within PPC, our UK team are outperforming all Domino’s markets across the globe.”