October 24, 2017


Wizzcash are a short-term loan lender with a key focus on responsible lending practices and are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Challenge

Wizzcash were hit with a manual action as a result of a previous agency’s SEO techniques. Wizzcash partnered with Absolute Digital Media to help recover the site from the penalty and regain a number of keyword positions. They also wanted to push for their main keyword ‘payday loans’ to reach page 1.

In such a highly competitive market, which appears to run off its own algorithm in Google, Wizzcash required an integrated strategy to be successful.

The Strategy

Absolute Digital Media’s first step was to audit the site and conduct an in-depth link detox in an attempt to lift the site-wide ban. Additionally, they undertook a full technical audit to highlight any site speed issues.

They developed an informative, high-quality on page content strategy to provide information for their readers. They needed to implement another campaign that focused on creative, link-seeding content which emphasised the content gaps across the site.

After these initial challenges were overcome, Absolute Digital Media continued to audit the site and remove any high risk links in their biweekly checks.

The Results

The partnership was a success and Wizzcash saw their rankings improve dramatically, as well as a significant increase in applications.

Specific successes include:

  • Lifted site-wide penalty
  • They ranked in position two for the keyword ‘Payday Loans’
  • They saw a 161.28 per cent increase in number of keywords in top three positions
  • There was 97.90 per cent increase in the number of applications they received