June 3, 2021

The Electric Revolution Starts Here

Castrol EV

The Challenge

As the technology that powers our vehicles evolves, the best automotive brands are evolving with it.​

In establishing Castrol as a brand shaping the global transition to electric mobility, we were tasked with creating an immersive digital experience to position Castrol as a trusted, expert powerhouse in e-Fluids. ​​

The Solution

With a longstanding heritage as an oil lubricants brand, this new direction needed to feel as exciting and fresh as the pioneering technology that Castrol has developed.​

Housed within Castrol’s global website, we take the electric car on an immersive visual journey,​ harnessing the power of CGI to bring the innovative technology behind the “Castrol On” range of products to life. ​

The Results

Supported with easily digestible narrative and interactions that both educate and excite B2B and B2C audiences about the electric future for mobility, the result showcases how e-Fluids function in an engaging way, and highlights their key benefits.​​

As an extension of our work, inspirational video content and collateral supports the brand in delivering the latest information about the new product range​ to further position Castrol at the forefront of driving.​