July 23, 2015

Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas partnered with Pixelgroup to create a pretty and luxurious online shopping experience

The brief

“Create an online shopping experience that reflects the brand’s cute, fun and pretty appeal”

Pixelgroup’s approach

We headed to the Covent Garden shop to pirouette around the Pretty Ballerinas world. The shops were small, reminiscent of a luxurious and indulgent walk-in wardrobe, wall-to-wall with beautiful shoes posing on their pink boxes.

Watching the shoppers browse the shoes we heard the ladies ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the shoes only just stopping short of hugging them.
It was only whilst ear wigging at the till that we noticed the recurring theme in chit chat, ‘I deserve these’ or ‘I’m treating myself’…

Insight:The Pretty Ballerinas customers don’t buy shoes they need, they buy shoes they want because they can.

Creating the ‘shoe wall’

Observing the behaviour in store, the women were buying the shoes they wanted and often on impulse, just because they can, and why not? They deserve them.

Appealing to this impulsive buying nature we made the shoes the star of the site, just as they are in the store. We made a wall-to-wall shoe heaven which was visible throughout the site.

Shoppers use their senses to guide them to particular styles and colours they like, with price and size checking being a secondary behaviour. Replicating this secondary behaviour online we concealed the prices of the shoes until they were selected, just as you would do in the store, keeping the main focus on the shoes.

Bridging the gap between the online and offline experience

The look and feel of the site was pretty and luxurious but remained fluid to simulate the offline shopping experience. To do this we developed the ‘look books’ that allowed them to browse and flick through their specific tastes quickly.

We made it so shoppers could share their fabulous finds and purchases with their friends and followers whilst the ‘wish list’ provided a shoe store cupboard for a rainy payday.

“Pixelgroup offer digital flair, commercial understanding and creative execution – Having worked closely with their team, our site really does reflect Pretty Ballerinas brand experience – We love it. The art direction was presented so well it felt like they were the right team to engage with. So much so, we’ve applied the styling to our brand – Ursula Mascaro,” says David Bell, Founder & Director of expansion, Pretty Ballerinas.

See Pixelgroup speak about their work with Pretty Ballerinas at the Figaro Digital Ecommerce Seminar here