September 14, 2017

Cath Kidston

Helping Cath Kidston get trustworthy data from its Analytics account


The Challenge

Modern vintage fashion brand, Cath Kidston, couldn’t trust their Google Analytics data. The account had been set-up to help solve a specific technical challenge – two years on, and that same Google Analytics configuration was now at odds with the brand’s current business goals. And with a different team trying to make sense of data that provided little insight, Cath Kidston needed Red Hot Penny’s Insights team to review the account and validate the technical implementation – and then make sure the Cath Kidston team could get all the information they needed to help grow the business.

The Solution

Red Hot Penny’s Insights team audited and validated the technical implementation of Cath Kidston’s Google Analytics account, putting together a measurement plan before bringing the internal team up-to-speed when it came to getting the most out of their Google Analytics data.

100 things to check: The Red Hot Penny Insights team used their faithful Analytics audit process to check 100 different technical implementation factors for Cath Kidston’s account, helping to make sure the architecture was following best practice (it wasn’t).

Introducing best practice: The Insights team worked with Cath Kidston to confirm what they were trying to get from their Google Analytics package to best support the business. They then created a benchmark best practice account architecture that would glean insightful, actionable data, tailored to Cath Kidston’s goals. They technically-configured the architecture to ensure all the tools were put in place for future success.

Training time: The Insights team joined Cath Kidston’s ecommerce team for two training sessions. The whole Cath Kidston team received a Google Analytics Fundamentals course – covering what everyone working in an ecommerce team needs to know to ensure the full feature set and reporting interface is understood and that campaigns are tracked correctly. The group then broke-off into smaller teams, to workshop specific challenges currently being experienced by the different ecommerce, marketing and UX departments. This session was all about discovering relevant data on the way different marketing teams worked.

The Results

Data they can trust: Cath Kidston’s Google Analytics account is now set-up to capture data they can trust, and to record exactly what is relevant to the business today

There when they need us: The Red Hot Penny Insights team continue to provide ongoing support to help get the Cath Kidston team to a place where all the data they are seeing is accurate, and they are able to use and interpret this data to help achieve their business goals.

It’s all in the detail: The entire implementation was documented into technical implementation details, configuration details, and how this new implementation differed from how the team were using Google Analytics previously. The Cath Kidston team now have this document to refer to as a best-practice Google Analytics guide, to help train future employees.