December 17, 2021


Awaze boosts conversion rates for and Hoseasons with abandonment emails.


Awaze uses Fresh Relevance to ramp up the converting power of their email campaigns for and Hoseasons. We caught up with Tina Calder, Head of Customer Retention to learn more about how Fresh Relevance empowers them to engage and convert more customers with triggered and bulk emails.

The solutions

Cart and browse abandonment emails

Awaze cart & browse email example in phones


Since setting up their browse abandonment emails, the Awaze team has been testing deployment times to compare the difference in performance between sending the first email 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes after abandonment. “After one month of testing, we found that browse abandonment emails sent 15 minutes after abandonment yield the best conversion rates,” explains Tina. The team plans to move their cart abandonment emails to trigger after 15 minutes too. Awaze is seeing a four per cent conversion rate across browse abandonment emails for and Hoseasons, and their cart abandonment emails also perform highly.

“We’re seeing a 14 per cent conversion rate for the first cart abandonment email we trigger, and then a three per cent conversion rate for the second email that gets triggered 24 hours after abandonment,” says Tina. With their cart and browse abandonment emails, the average order value for is 16 per cent higher compared to other marketing emails, whilst the average order value for Hoseasons is five per cent higher. Tina continues, “The abandonment emails are doing really well and we’re very pleased with the results. The conversion rates are much higher than our mass campaigns.” email examples of a countdown timer in a phone

Countdown timers

Awaze uses countdown timers in their mass marketing emails for and Hoseasons to highlight sales and boost urgency. “The emails definitely drive a lot more urgency when customers can see the time counting down to the end of a discount,” says Tina. The company is seeing close to a 40 per cent increase in conversion rates across and Hoseasons with dynamic countdown timers.

Future plans

The Awaze team has recently introduced product recommendations into their emails to increase customer engagement further, starting with their browse abandonment emails. “We really like the functionality Fresh Relevance is offering since it allows us to be a lot more targeted. We’re seeing a good ROI and are delighted with the support we get in terms of set up, helping us look into other opportunities and A/B testing,” says Tina.

“The customer support team is super helpful, probably one of the best companies I’ve worked with. They’re very supportive, very quick at responding and always up for a video call. We also have regular catch ups with our account manager. I’m really pleased with the service and support we’re getting,” continues Tina.

The results

  • Fourteen per cent conversion rate from cart abandonment emails.
  • Four per cent conversion rate from browse abandonment emails.
  • Increase of sixteen per cent average order value for compared to other marketing emails.
  • Forty per cent increase in conversion rates from dynamic countdown timers.