February 25, 2022

SEO, PPC, Paid Social & Display Webinar Roundup: 17 February 2022

On 17 February 2022, we got a group of Search experts together (well, virtually) to discuss the latest trends and topics in the world of SEO, PPC, Paid Social & Display.

Here, we provide a roundup of the morning’s presentations.

How to Cheat Facebook into Giving You Cheaper CPMs

Last year, Apple decided to break the model and reduce the amount of data it was giving to apps, the most affected being Facebook and Instagram. For marketers, that means less people for targeting and, due to greater competition thanks to the pandemic, this has led to increased rates and CPMs. The combination of increased costs for the actual ad view and less conversions being recorded  has meant that we’re seeing CPMs increasing massively, and off the back of that we’re seeing our CPAs increase in the same way. Claire Stanley-Manock, Paid Media Director at connective3, explains what we can do about this.

What’s Really Working on Facebook Ads?

Jon Quinton, Founder of Overdrive Digital, gives a “from the trenches view” on how to make Facebook Ads work for your business. He uses examples of what’s working with Overdrive’s clients now off the back of spending millions of pounds on ad spend on the platform every year.

The Top Google Ads Trends That You Need to Know in 2022

Will Roberts, Managing Director of WebBox, gives a few stats in terms of the current landscape of PPC. He then talks through those trends and his predictions for the future, and what he thinks is around the corner when it comes to Google Ads, as well as some further resources.

SEO Strategy for Large Websites

Google is announcing new algorithm updates every couple of months. The question “how do I keep my FREE organic traffic?” is causing a severe headache not only for SEO professionals, but also sometimes front-end and back-end developers, IT departments, and even CEOs. Andriy Starukh, SEO Manager at Iglu, will share his 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, covering what is important in building your SEO strategy for large international websites, and introduce his SEO model: Detect -> Protect -> Grow.

Q&A Panel Discussion

At the end of the session, our speakers came together to answer questions submitted by the attendees in a live panel discussion. Topics include how to spend your first £50k as a new business, how frequently you should be changing your creatives, whether blogs are still an important SEO tool, and more.

Our next event will be a Retail & Ecommerce: Digital Marketing Spotlight, which will be taking place live and in person at the Cinema at Selfridges on 10 March. Register here or email Eleanor Pyne to secure your slot.