WebBox is a specialist Web Development, UX Design, and Paid Ads agency.

We thrive on understanding your digital challenges and turning them into bespoke digital solutions, created by a team of industry-leading experts.

With London and Cardiff bases, we work with businesses and organisations across the UK to deliver unforgettable website projects and paid ad campaigns. We work with the likes of Fever-Tree, NHS, St John Ambulance Cymru, DS Smith, Airbus, and Action For Children to name a few of our longstanding clients.

We put your users first and our insights at the core of every decision we make together. We fixate on the needs of your users as much as you do, proactively and relentlessly supporting you every step of the way.

We focus on user experience, engagement, and automation through sharing our years of knowledge to make a tangible difference. Our team, made up of web designers, web developers, and marketing experts, are here to help you take ideas and bring them to life. No matter what the project, our team are here to help you.

Whether you’re looking to reach your target audience through digital channels, engage with your users through a web application, create a website and brand that truly represents who you are – our team can support you in making informed decisions and achieving your objectives.

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Sean Giles

Growth Director at WebBox

Sean, Growth Director at WebBox, has over 13 years of agency experience working with brands of all sizes and verticals. Starting out as a web developer, Sean moved into account management and, more recently, business development. Sean has been involved in large web projects for household names and brings a wealth of experience and insights to digital projects.

Will Roberts

Managing Director

Will has been working on PPC campaigns and website projects with companies of all shapes and sizes for over 13 years. Will has seen a lot of changes in the industry over that time, alongside a vast change in the user journey, which has shaped the content he will share. Will founded WebBox, a leading digital agency, in 2008, which is best known for its paid ad campaigns, UX design, and web development for the likes of Fever-Tree, DS Smith, NHS, and St John’s Ambulance. Day to day, Will’s focus is on ensuring that an outstanding client experience is always at the heart of everything we do and the longer-term strategy of the business is delivered.