July 20, 2016

Master Your Email Marketing By Watching These 3 Videos

Want to learn the latest, most-effective email marketing techniques for your next campaign? Well, you could spend hours trawling evergreen guides, blog posts and even checking out news stories, but for the most time-effective method, sit back and relax while watching these video presentations from some of Figaro Digital’s most recent expert-run events:

Email Marketing 3.0 is Coming: Are You Ready?

BY Dela Quist
Founder and CEO, Alchemy Worx
In his talk, Dela Quist teaches why it is important to think beyond being reactive and to become proactive with your email campaigns instead in order to create demand.
But, first, why is email so important? Well, Dela says ‘anyone without an email address is the digital equivalent of being homeless’. Without an email address you can’t use a smartphone or make an online purchase, therefore it is at the core of all digital marketing. However, despite being so important, not everyone is using it effectively.
Get smart with your email marketing using automated personalisation platforms that use responsive master templates and a dynamic, predictive content library. Dela continues ‘true personalisation isn’t content personalised to the segment… it’s content personalised to them’ – something that, with data, is easier than you may think.
Watch Dela’s full video presentation here.

Personalising Your Approach: Using Data to Deliver Custom Communications

By Per Caroe
Evangelist, IBM Marketing Cloud
Per Caroe believes that many marketers still believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing, despite the considerable number of unsubscribe actions and ignores this correspondence gets. In this talk, Caroe shows how every customer is unique and how you should cater your communications to fit with your target customer using data, individual behaviour and external information.
Recent Forrester Research has found that 53% of people unsubscribe from email offers when the content does not interest them and 40% do so if they are contacted too frequently.

Caroe states that it is important not to pummel people with information at the first sign of interest in your product or service. Instead you should use strategy in order to make your actions more effective. It’s quality, not quantity.
So, how do you do this? Well, you’ll have to watch the video presentation here to find out.

Reinventing Email for 2016

By Sean Clegg
Strategic Account Director, Movable Ink

According to Litmus, email is one of the most effective marketing tools with a 4,300% ROI, and the Direct Marketing Association has reported that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $40.
However, Sean Clegg (like the presenters above) thinks that businesses don’t use this channel to its full potential. In this talk, he discusses the latest innovations and how these are redefining the way marketers engage with and convert customers using personalisation, contextualisation and innovation to stand out in the inbox.
Sean shows that a recent Marketing Land study found that personalised emails deliver six times higher revenue per email than those that are one-style-fits-all. So, how can you personalise your communications? Put people’s names on your emails to directly address them, and you’ll be more likely to see engagement.
Also, use your purchasing and cart abandonment data to remarket to customers via email, as 80% of consumers find product recommendations based on previous purchases useful and 78% are more likely to become a repeat customer if sent targeted personalised offers.
For more tips on how to personalise and optimise your email marketing campaigns, watch Sean’s video presentation in full here.

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