May 9, 2018

Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup (Part Two)

Picking up where we left off in part one, we examine the rest of the day’s presentations that took place at our digital marketing summit. Don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter at @Figaro_Digital. Register here to attend the next Figaro Digital Marketing Summit on the 21st June.

AI And EQ – How AI Can Make Every Customer Interaction More Human

We might be inclined to believe that the use of AI makes branding less personal, less emotional, and less real. However, Maria Flores Portillo from Persado debunks this myth – showing how AI can actually drive emotional responses from your campaign. Research consistently shows that emotion is the key driver of customer outcomes, but for marketers, knowing how to effectively use emotions and language to forge stronger customer relationships feels like an impossible goal. See the results of EQ driven marketing drives and how leading brands are using AI to make every customer communication more personal and, dare we say, more human.

Find Maria’s presentation here:

Put Your Audience First

Christopher Gee from Rixxo delivers and inspirational presentation with thought-provoking ideas, stats, and examples of brands reaping the reward from putting their audience first. Christopher’s mission is to redefine audience engagement – exposing a lack of quality digital marketing, and swapping stale approaches for taking educated risks based on human behaviours. Learn about the psychology behind conversion by looking at behavioural models that predict the likelihood of a trigger to succeed. This talk is full of creative ideas essential for engaging audience – a must watch for any business leaders, agencies, and marketers.

Watch Christopher’s presentation here:

AI And Chatbots: The Future Of Email Marketing

Thinking of abandoning email marketing? Think Again! Georgia Lambert from Communicator teams up with Simon Hoe from Cruise1st to show a real life example of how email in concordance with AI can be used to stay ahead of the game. Key factors such as platform functionalities, user demographics, and the intimacy of the two mediums can help create powerful marketing strategies. If you send email and want to stay ahead of the game, this is one not to be missed!

Watch the full presentation here:

Human Driven Personalisation Doesn’t Scale

Raj Balasundaram, Global Head of Solutions at Emarsys, walks us through four different principles of personalisation; who, when, what, and how. It is a common misconception that humans have the upper hand when it comes to personalisation. This may be true on a small scale, however, humans don’t have the capacity to react to the consumers individual fluctuations in the same way that AI does. The gap between the readiness of AI marketing solutions to execute on real-time B2C marketing campaigns, and the readiness of marketers and business leadership teams to adopt such technology is closing. Are you ready for AI?

Watch Raj’s presentation here: