June 25, 2018

Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup 20 June (Part One)

On the 20th of June, industry leaders and digital specialists shared their expert knowledge and success secrets at the Figaro Digital Marketing Summit, at the Park Plaza Riverside. Alongside our speakers’ presentations, discussions were taking place between brand representatives and industry experts in 1-2-1 meetings. Catch up with the latest in a wide range of topics, including everything from email marketing frameworks and AI, to Generation Z and how they are shaping the digital marketing industry, in part one of our summit roundup. If you would like any of the slides shown in the presentations, please email slides@figarodigital.co.uk.

A Simple Framework For Advanced Email Marketing

Ben Tomlinson, Strategic Marketing Manager at  Communicator, delivers a presentation based on the 15 years experience that this company has acquired in email marketing. Join Ben as he takes you through the six stages of email sophistication; helping you identify where your brand is and what you need to do to progress your practice including how to increase your reach and total impressions.

View Ben’s presentation here.

Targeting Is Dead – Long Live Advertising

In this presentation, Duncan Arthur,  Managing Director at Illuma will be reflecting on the promised land of programmable advertising that was built on the mantra of ‘right person, right moment, right ad’ leading to an entire industry collecting and activating personal data of widely varying quality and legitimacy. And now we have the inevitable backlash: GDPR, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals, ad-blocking, and countless pieces of research saying that people generally don’t want creepy advertising that follows them around. Duncan is going to shine a light on the data, the science and tech that can take marketers to a new age of relevant and effective advertising for this new era of advertising.

View Duncan’s presentation here.

Answering Business Questions With Search Data

Sophie Moule, Head of Marketing at Pi Datametrics takes us through search trend data and its importance in contextualising our performance, especially when reporting back to senior stakeholders. The presentation covers three main areas; what some companies are doing well, how your company can do better, and how to use the insights gained from SEO to identify patterns and inform your strategy. Sophie shows us how best to assess the impact of external factors, and integrate multiple data sources for providing a fuller version of the truth.

View Sophie’s presentation here.

AI and EQ – How AI Can Make Every Customer Interaction More Human

Research consistently shows that emotion is the key driver of customer outcomes, but for marketers, knowing how to effectively use emotions and language to forge stronger customer relationships feels like an impossible goal. Maria Flores Portillo, General Manager at Persado shows how to make every customer interaction meaningful using AI. See the results of EQ driven marketing drives and how leading brands are using AI to make every customer communication more personal and, dare we say, more human.

View Maria’s presentation here.

Memes, Manners And Mobile Obsessed: Why Gen Z Are Shaping Our Digital Future

There has been a lot of focused placed on millennials when it comes to audience engagement. But what about generation z? In their presentation, Brian Taylor (Managing Director) and Amy Naughton (Clients Sales Director) look at how gen Z are changing the way we need to approach digital. Using insights from a study conducted by YouGov, Jaywing explore the behaviours and motivations of the most tech savvy generation yet.

View Brian and Amy’s presentation here.

We will be continuing our roundup of the day’s presentations in part two, so keep your eyes peeled. If you missed the Summit this time round then never fear! You can buy tickets here to attend our next big event, the Figaro Digital Marketing Summer Conference, taking place on 12 July 2018 at The Royal College Of Physicians, Regents Park.