November 9, 2020

Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup: 5 November 2020 (Part One)

Our latest Digital Marketing Summit was held on 5 November 2020. The day was packed with informative presentations, virtual 1-2-1 meetings and networking opportunities. Catch up with the latest in a wide range of topics from video and CRM to consumer behaviour and analytics, in Part One of our summit roundup. If you would like any of the slides shown in the presentations, please email

Re-thinking in a Recession 

Since March, no doubt we’ve all spent many a Zoom call discussing the COVID-19 crisis, what it means for the jobs that we do and, ultimately, what it means for the consumer. Polly Waines, Senior Planner at Edit Ltd, shares some of that insight, and draws some conclusions on how it will impact their CRM for this year.

Don’t Fall Behind the Curve: How to Be a Better Marketer amid COVID

Given the challenges that marketers have faced over the last six months, Mark Ash, CEO of Pure360, reflects on what they’ve seen in the market, and highlights the key things that marketers need to do to improve their ability to compete in a post-COVID world to make sure they’re not falling behind the curve.

How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy

Eighty per cent of consumers now watch more videos than they did before coronavirus. It’s predicted that, by 2022, one million people will hit a little play button every second. To help us get the most out of video, Jon Mowat, Managing Director at Hurricane, covers why video works, the power of emotion, models to understand video, video in the time of COVID, and gives us a look at his video marketing planner.

Fuelling Growth from Happy Customers

One thing we have in common as businesses is that we want to grow, even during challenging times such as we’re seeing at the moment. Courtney Wylie, VP Product & Marketing at Mention Me, talks about how you can turn your happy customers into an engine for growth.

How to Connect with Your Audience

Sabrina Duda, Head of User Experience at VERJ, gives some facts and background information on how we can connect with our audiences. Then, Beatrice Andrew, Behavioural Science Consultant at LAB Digital, will take us through a case study where we can see everything put into practice.

Getting Closer to Customers While We’re All Further Apart

As England finds itself in another national lockdown, Shaun Miller, Digital Strategy & UX Consultant at Codehouse, explains how we can help our organisations bridge the gaps that have opened up by not being able to meet our customers in person.

We will be continuing our roundup of the day’s presentations in Part Two