October 17, 2016

The Figaro Digital Digest: 14th October 2016

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In the week that ‘Marmitegate’ became a thing and Jessica Ennis-Hill said farewell to her athletic career, there has also been a lot happening in the digital world.

The Google Analytics Desktop Will Look Different Soon

Google announced this week that it is working to redesign the Analytics desktop to make the UI simpler, while still maintaining the tool’s many features.
Google has announced that there will be a simplified navigation, customisation options will be all in one place, it will be easier to switch between views and there will be a streamlined login flow. There will also be the option to change the default date range on reports and automatic intelligence events are now no more.

Facebook is Highlighting Fake News in its Trending Section

In recent months, Facebook’s trending section has been populated by bots that choose which articles are newsworthy. This has resulted in some backlash as the algorithm has allowed fake or grossly inaccurate reports to be published.
What happened to the human touch? Well, staff were replaced by an algorithm back in May after it was revealed they were censoring conservative news. So, it’ll probably stick with the tech for the foreseeable future… hopefully with a few improvements.

Could Twitter Moments Become an Explore Tab?

It has been reported this week that Twitter is experimenting with a new ‘Explore’ tab in place of moments on mobile devices. And a number of people have announced that they have seen this test on their iOS and Android devices.
This change to the app is said to have discovery features, as well as the usual news or ‘moments’, and it is hoped that it will help users track breaking news and major events more easily.

New Google AI Program Helps to Navigate the Tube

Finding your way around the London underground system can be a little daunting if you’re new to the tube system. Google has recognised this and has built a computer program that uses basic reasoning to help direct users independently without needing to be pre-programmed.
Data scientists believe that by combining external memory and deep learning, this AI program could lead the way for sophisticated virtual assistants.
The same software can also be used in a family tree structure, as shown in the video below.

Marketer Reveals How Much Influencers Really Get Paid

Jenny Woods, Founder of Zaapt, has told Mashable that recently an Instagram star with 1.3m followers was paid £5,000 for one single post, however users with more followers can expect a payday of up to £20,000. In short, the more followers, the higher the fee is likely to be. She also said:
“Another brand paid £17,000 ($20,749) for a reality TV star to tweet and Instagram about their brand in a series of posts. The influencer has 1.2m followers on Instagram,”
There have been rumours that mega-celebrities, like the Kardashians, get paid around $400,000 (£328,000) per Instagram post.


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