A League Of Extraordinary Marketers

by Gillian Ingram Figaro Digital

Worried you might have missed an introduction to one of our excellent summer conference speakers? Find all of our insightful interviews below…

Start Small, Go Large: Growth Hacking Secrets From Treatwell

Since 2008, Treatwell has been on an upward trajectory from start-up to Europe’s leading marketplace for hair and beauty bookings. Ahead of his presentation, we caught up with Rob Simons, Group Head of CRM, to find out how the brand has growth-hacked its way to success.

In All The Right Places: The Many Screens Of Social Media

We caught up with Pollyanna Ward, Digital and Social Media Manager at Mondelez International, about the latest innovations shaping social, and how brands can maximise their time on screen across the diverse mix of consumer devices.

In Pursuit of Relevance: Content That Cares

Nick Joy, Social Media Manager at LV=, chatted to Figaro Digital about how brands must work hard to give relevant, valuable experiences to their consumers online, and why talking about pancakes might not necessarily be the way to do it…

Old Business, New Tricks

Programmatic marketing is gaining momentum in the digital space, but the industry is full of suspicion towards this new platform. Jonathan McCauley-Oliver, Digital Revenue Manager at National Rail, explains how agencies can win back the trust of brand advertisers.

A Valuable Journey: Digital Transformation at Choice Hotels

Tess Mattisson, Director of European Marketing, Choice Hotels, has seen a huge amount of digital transformation take place at the hotel chain. She explains how the transformative process must be embedded in every process of a business, in order to feed substantial, sustainable results.

Always Right: Customer Feedback In Your Content Strategy

We spoke to Anthony Leung, Social Media Manager at Pret A Manger, about how customer feedback and engagement sits squarely at the heart of the brand. Read on to learn more about Pret’s unique approach.

#FigDigConf: An Audience With The Chair

Our chair, Pete Ward, CEO and Co-Founder of WAYN (part of lastmiute.com Group), chatted to us to share his thoughts on the four key pillars of the conference: transformation, innovation, contextualisation and customer experience.

Part Of The Zeitgeist: The Rise Of This Girl Can

Joining us for the not-for-profit panel, Sport England’s Head of Brand and Digital Strategy, Kate Dale, spoke to Figaro Digital about the creation of one of the nation’s favourite campaigns: This Girl Can. We talk about the community engagement that keeps the campaign resonating two years on.

Who Do They Think They Are? Marketing To The Digital Natives

We spoke to Christopher Baldwin, Head of Marketing at Selligent, about how brands can coordinate their marketing communications to win the hearts of the most discerning consumers: the digital natives.

The ‘In’ Crowds: Speaking The Language Of Programmatic

Bruna Gil, Programmatic Operations Lead, EMEA at LinkedIn, shares her expertise on some of the pressing questions marketers have about this agile and powerful practice, and what steps they should be taking to get the best, and safest returns.

Content Marketing: Finding The Right Story

Viral marketing- lofty pipe dream or real engagement opportunity? Dan Yeo, Head of Media and Online Relations at Search Laboratory, spoke to Figaro Digital about the evolution of content marketing, and how brands can maximise coverage and engagement.

 Email Subject Lines: Human Instinct vs Artificial Intelligence

Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, explains the problems humans face when writing email subject lines, and the power of Artificial Intelligence technology to overcome these flaws and achieve success. How can Artificial Intelligence help your business?

An Ignored Majority :  Tapping Into The World Of A Forgotten Audience

Figaro Digital chatted with Savannah Sachs, UK Managing Director at Birchbox, about how the brand identified a lucrative new market within an underserved segment, and won consumer hearts through dedicated, personal communication.

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