August 1, 2017

Top Conference Takeaways (Part Two)

Part 2 of the conference roundup is here! Read on to discover interesting insights from our Summer Digital Marketing Conference that will refresh your mind-set and inspire your strategies.

Driving Customer Brand Engagement: What Role Does Email Play?

Suzy Carter-Kent, Customer Success Manager at Adestra, delivers a presentation that will help you to critically evaluate your email marketing strategy – do you follow trends blindly, rather than focusing on what you really want to achieve from your email strategy? Carter-Kent recommends an approach in which a business examines its goals, identifies key areas of focus, and develops an email success plan from this. She explains the importance of returning to your mission statement when considering your email plan, and using this to develop a first-person marketing strategy. She details the essential elements of first-person marketing, and how this will enable you to achieve an email strategy that perfectly suits your business objectives and identity – emails should never be sent in “isolation” to this.

Making Branded Content People Will Actually Care About

Why has content become such a big talking point in the industry? How can you make content really work for your brand, that will boost consumer engagement? Michael Scantlebury, Founder and Creative Director of Impero, discusses how the internet has changed the consumer state of mind, and how this has resulted in consumer-centric brands winning online. He explains why customer needs must be put above brand needs for a winning strategy, and the three central ways a brand can attract engagement: allowing consumers to talk about themselves, ensuring they feel part of something bigger, and surprising them with a novel approach.

Breaking Down The Walls Of Traditional Retail

Birchbox has disrupted the beauty industry, by appealing to a forgotten audience and innovating with their beauty subscription box service. In this session, UK Managing Director Savannah Sachs explains Birchbox’s focus on personalisation and data, ways it encourages positive word of mouth on social media, and how it has targeted the “beauty majority” to great success. The “try, learn, buy” model is one that works well for both the experience of Birchbox customers, and also for its B2B partners who can more successfully target specific audiences. Sachs explains the competitive advantages of thinking about customers from a psychographic perspective as well as a demographic one, in order to create the right tone of voice to suit your audience.

Inspiration For Innovation: The Pret Recipe

Creating a social media community and engaging it in conversation is essential for Pret A Manger, not only to build strong relationships with its customers, but to gain innovative ideas for the future. Anthony Leung, Social Media Manager at Pret, discusses the importance of getting the basics right and not getting swept up by social media trends. Leung explains how Pret is able to continuously improve and adapt its service, by listening to what its customers ask for over social media.  Veggie Pret is a prime example of this feedback-led innovation – encouraging engagement is a feature Pret includes in all aspects of its brand, from its napkins to its website.

Why You’re Probably Doing Digital Transformation Wrong

84 per cent of digital transformation projects fail to deliver return on investment, according to a study from the ‘Digital Helix’, based on transformation projects around the world. In light of this, Laurence Parkes, Chief Strategy Officer at Rufus Leonard, discusses how digital transformation is as much about people as it is about new technologies. How can companies bring their employees along with them on the digital transformation journey, and successfully change the culture of the organisation along the way? Parkes suggests five ways an organisation can help that change to happen, and shift a closed mind-set to one of openness and growth.

From Customer-Centric To Purpose-Centric: Experiments From The Edge Of Organisational Transformation

Ian Randolph, Product Owner, Data Science and Personalisation at The Trainline, delivers an unconventional talk that aims to inspire you with new ideas about how to run a team and organisation. Is there a more meaningful way to manage a team than the current method? Randolph takes us on a journey of discovery, as he explores the development of organisations through the ages, from the tribal to the information age.  He uses this knowledge to examine conventional ways of leading a team, and suggests some alternative methods. Watch his full presentation to discover different ways to reward team cooperation, and implement a self-management model.

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