How To Find The Right Media Agency For You

by Simon Prince, Marketing Director Powwownow

The pressure for a brand to pick the right agency can be immense. It is one of the biggest investments that a business can make and is all about creating the right image and voice for your company. So how can you make sure you find the right agency for you?


Needs And Expectations

Before you start your search for a media agency, decide what kind of service you need and what you expect to get out of it. Do you want a specialist agency or one with a broad offering? What sort of team will fit best with your brand: a large corporate or a smaller, boutique firm? This will determine your search and help you find the best agency for your needs.



It is useful to speak to colleagues who have worked with an agency or have been through the process of hiring one. They can give you advice on what you should look for and let you know of any agencies you should consider. As they understand your brand already, they’ll be able to recommend whether a particular agency would be a good fit.


How To Narrow Down Your Search

Don’t be afraid to shop around and talk to different agencies. You want to make sure that whoever you hire understands your needs as a business as well as you do and importantly that you see yourself working with them. It is essential that you get on with these people given the importance of the right agency to your brand’s success and how much time you will need to spend with them to make an impact.


It’s Just Like Hiring A Member Of Staff

Treat the process the same way you would if you were hiring a team member. Although the relationship is different, an agency is an extension of your team. You will have to work with them and they will need to have the skills to deliver best results and comprehend your business objectives. Have multiple rounds in your pitch process in order to get to know your prospective agency, see different examples of their work and use other members of your team to meet with each prospective agency to ensure they’ll be the best fit.


Give Them A Brief

During the tender process, it’s important that an agency showcases their skills to the best of their ability. I’d always recommend setting a specific brief and have them present their ideas to see what they are capable of. They should be able to call upon examples of what they have done previously and how that could work for you, and showcase examples tailored to you and your business, showing a level of awareness of what you need from them. Even if you don’t like the final ideas, seeing this process and the way they work will make a big difference.


After Hiring The Agency

The relationship between you and your agency is something that has to be continuously worked on. They must understand the changing needs of your business and you must listen to them and appreciate their expertise in the field. You’re hiring them because they bring something that you don’t have and need. What matters the most is being open and honest when it comes to what works in order to succeed.

This can and should be a measurable feat through the implementation of KPIs so both parties know what success is before any work is even started.

The growth of a brand can be significantly aided by hiring an agency. Selecting the right one can be a hard decision, with success being measured by results months down the line. Brands can drastically reduce the risk of taking one on by shopping around, doing extensive research into what the agency can achieve and making sure there is a collective understanding about what is required and what success looks like. Ultimately, it’s about the agency-brand relationship and their ability to deliver.

Simon Prince, Marketing Director at Powwownow


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