The Figaro Digital Digest: 23rd June 2017

by Figaro Digital

The modern world is a busy place and, as much as you would want to, you can’t always keep up with what’s going on.

Thankfully, our digital digest has got you covered with quick and easy to read chunks of information.

A Re-Imaging Of Getty Images

Getty Images may conjure up thoughts of stock photos and generic imagery, but it appears as though they have more to offer than first thought.

Well, Parisian advertising agency ‘One Shot la chose’ have worked to change the traditional perception of the image bank.

Using YouTube as its chosen platform, the video content initially reads as an advertisement for a travel agency or holiday destination. However, on closer inspection, it’s made clear that the entire video is compiled using images from Getty Images itself.

The image platform has been working hard to attract a larger demographic and the innovative approach toward its content marketing appears to be a step in the right direction.

A Stark Difference In In-App Advertisements

A global study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that 47 per cent of users interacted with an in-app advertisement, while only 45 per cent interacted with an advertisement on their smartphone browser.

With a significant rise in application reliance, it should come as little surprise that users are more likely to interact with advertisements that support their favourite apps.

Since users spend on average two hours and nine minutes on various applications throughout the day, compared to just 19 minutes on the mobile web, application platforms are increasingly becoming a target for big brands.

The Surfing Habits Of Mothers And Non-Mothers Revealed

A study released this week by UKOM and comScore Inc has found stark differences in the way mothers and non-mothers use the web.

Based upon January 2017 data usage, research found that UK women with children between the ages of 25 and 54 spend the majority of their time online using their smartphone. In contrast to this, women of the same age demographic, but with no children, are more likely to use their desktop computer.

Both UKOM and comScore speculate that the difference is simply due to device access. Mothers are much less likely to have the time to dedicate to browsing via a desktop device, while non-mothers find it much more accessible.

UK mothers aren’t the exception Either. A similar study in the US came to almost the exact same conclusion. It appears as though children are taking up all of their mother’s time across the globe.

Online Bed Retailer Launches Unique Tailoring Tool

UK-based e-commerce store Happy Beds launched their new site this month and with it came an innovative approach to bed retail.

Its bespoke beds tool allows users to input their dream design and the image changes in accordance to the users’ preferences.

This week, Virgin Wines also announced it will be launching a new site next month as part of its new digital strategy, whereas IKEA has revealed it is working on an augmented reality-based shopping app which will allow users to visualise products in their own homes before clicking ‘buy’.

With so many sites prioritising user experience, the online buying option is only increasing its ease of use. Will physical stores soon become obsolete?

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