5 Ways To Use AdWords To Launch A New Product

by Danielle Haley FSE Online Ltd
Danielle Haley

Using AdWords Before, During and After Your Launch

Google’s AdWords has been revolutionising online advertising for over a decade – here’s how it can help your business.

The future success of a business depends hugely on how much you can maximise your online presence. So if you’re launching a new product, you’ll want to make sure that it makes a big impact. Enter Google AdWords. The search engine’s online advertising service is a great way to get people interested in your product – before, during and after the launch. To help you decide if an AdWords campaign is right for you, here are five ways you can use it to make your product launch a success.

Use It To Create A New Customer Base

You can use AdWords to build up a mailing list before your product launches. This was a technique used by the company Groupon. Before they launched their services in certain cities, they used ads to sign people up so that when they did launch, they had a large group of potential customers who were already aware of their product.

Determine The Best Name For Your Product

Deciding on a name is hugely important. So why not let AdWords help you make that choice? The strategy here is simple – run ads with different product names that you’re considering. You’ll then be able to measure the response to those ads, and crucially, see which product name generated the most clicks. It’s a simple but effective technique, and allows you to make an informed decision before you start your launch campaign.

Effectively Target Sites During Your Launch

It’s vital that you’re as visible as possible during your product launch, so that you can reach as many new customers as you can. So find sites that specialise in your fields to maximise your exposure, and create a placement-targeted ad campaign for those. It’s important that you reach out to sites and web users who may not be familiar with your company or product too – use your brand keywords for this.

Lure In Customers Who Haven’t Committed

As you launch your product, it’s important to target those customers who need a little more persuading. AdWords has a Remarketing feature which allows you to target those who visit your site or use your mobile app without buying anything. They’ll be shown relevant ads as they use Google, browse the web and use apps.

Use It To Discover What’s Working

When your product is finally out there, use AdWords to continually monitor and improve your campaign. The great thing about the service is that you can see results straight away, and you can utilise the ads that are bringing in the most revenue. Combined with an SEO campaign that will yield long-term results, AdWords will see your product go from strength to strength.

Our Pay Per Click Service

As you can see, AdWords has the power to propel your new product into the limelight. If you’re unsure how to best use the service, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our freelance PPC management service will help you to establish your web presence and quickly begin to generate revenue from ads. This pay per click service works brilliantly on its own, but combined with a search marketing package it’s even more effective. So if you’re about to launch a new product, seriously consider an AdWords campaign.