October 8, 2018

Seventy-three Per Cent Of The Top UK Law Firms Ignore Google As A Marketing Platform

Recent research from Kagool‘s 2018 Legal Digital Census has shown that only 27 per cent of the top UK law firms advertise in Google search results.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is the largest growing marketing channel for business to business marketers, increasing by 18 per cent over the last year and worth £4.99bn in the UK alone in 2016.

Despite this growth, and the fact that Google claims it will increase brand awareness by 80 per cent, law firms have failed to adopt this crucial digital marketing channel.

Digital marketing agency Kagool carried out research and testing in the legal sector. The findings highlight opportunities for legal firms to improve their digital presence and improve service to clients.

“Legal firms are missing out on targeted enquiries from potential clients. Google ads can ensure that a firm is near the top of relevant search engine results. Thousands of potential clients use Google each month to find a law firm and most businesses are missing out on this huge demand. Law firms need to adapt their marketing strategy to an increasingly digitised client base and let go of old school marketing options.” Craig Johnson, Director of Kagool

The 2018 report reveals the scores and rankings for each law firm’s digital marketing performance. This includes insights and performances across eight core aspects including: website speed, mobile optimisation, search marketing and social media.

Download the full Legal Digital Census.