March 9, 2018

TIPi Group Launches To Form An Independent Specialist Network

TIPi Group launched on Wednesday 7 March 2018, with the vision to form a preferred alternative to the agency network model for clients looking to have all of their digital activity serviced by one group.

The two main agencies that currently sit within the group are ROAST and Kitty. ROAST was established in 2015 by Ollie Bishop, borne from the ambition to create a new breed of performance marketing. Creative agency, Kitty, launched in August last year and focuses on digital creative and the business of behaviour. Their capabilities include insights and strategy, creative, social media and influencer marketing, as well as full stack development. The agencies have since grown to 60 plus staff in three years, servicing 25 clients and offers full service digital marketing.

TIPi Group are a collection of specialist teams that work together to form a truly independent network. Bishop explains, “Siloed skillsets, complex processes and multiple layers in business are the enemy of the modern marketing agency. There are too many networks out there that acquire agencies to benefit the business, rather than the client. This model results in a network of competing agencies, rather than complimentary. As a group, every agency that is part of TIPi, will operate with shared values at the core. We all work towards one goal and purpose, and that is to deliver profitability for our clients.

TIPi Group plans to expand across multiple areas and services over the next few years. Bishop continues, “It’s important to us that we continue to work with clients that embody the same principles as we do – with entrepreneurial spirit and the energy needed for a start-up. We believe passion beats scale. We ensure that each agency model retains a certain size, ensuring that no one is lost in the business and that no service levels are diluted: whether that be staff, client or product.”

Agencies at TIPi Group have clients such as eBay, The National Lottery and Experian and a third agency will open later in 2018.