August 17, 2017

Online Smart Wear Brand Dobell Launches Referral Marketing Campaign

Dobell, a leading global online retailer of men’s smart wear, has appointed Mention Me to power its new referral programme launching this week.


The company designs, markets and sells a variety of own-brand clothing, shoes and accessories as well as designer label products to over 60 countries worldwide. Dobell’s success is founded on giving its customers access to the largest choice of high quality, stylish and affordable menswear available.


The Dobell brand has been built on its reputation for quality and service, demonstrated by a phenomenal 20,000 independent five star customer reviews. Dobell were keen to respond and capitalise on this positive brand sentiment and offer users a platform to share their positive experiences of the brand to drive new customer acquisition.


Dobell selected Mention Me, using their unique ‘refer-a-friend’ SaaS technology, as a platform that not only incentivises action but also formalises the process so that it is trackable in order to analyse, refine and continually optimise the programme. The referral campaign is part of Dobell’s wider marketing strategy that has seen the brand grow from £2 million to £12 million in three years.


Keith White, Dobell’s Head of SEO & Marketing explained, “Our marketing strategy has always been to grow and develop the brand but in a natural and organic manner, and gaining trust is a core part of this. We think that leveraging the advocacy of our already loyal and satisfied customers is the most raw and efficient way of doing so which is what led us to referral marketing. The Mention Me solution enabled us to get up and running quickly, incorporating customer service that matches our own, combined with the ability to AB test offers to find the rewards that resonate most with our customers.”


Andy Cockburn, CEO and Co-Founder of Mention Me said, “We are delighted to be adding Dobell to our family of boutique fashion brands, helping them to grow their customer base and compete against the larger businesses. The brand has already harnessed the power of word of mouth through social channels and reviews, and so referral will sit naturally within this customer nurture and development growth strategy.”