November 22, 2021

Jaywing Wins Coveted Anti-Fraud Solution Award with Virgin Money  

Archetype proprietary technology delivered a model with predictive power of 93 per cent, offering a relative uplift of 31 per cent over the incumbent approach.

Jaywing’s AI modelling platform, Archetype, has won the award for Anti-Fraud Solution at the Credit & Collections Technology Awards with Virgin Money. With over 30 successful projects and several award wins for its credit scoring work, Archetype has been transforming Jaywing’s client risk modelling for over three years.

The award highlights the latest success of Jaywing’s proprietary technology in enabling Virgin Money to enhance its fight against financial crime, improving detection processes and driving down fraud losses, at a time when credit and collections companies face business pressure in the form of continued regulatory scrutiny and an ongoing fight against application fraud.

Jaywing’s software creates controlled, explainable neural network models that predict application and fraud risk more accurately than ever before.  The fraud model created for Virgin Money enables the business to detect more fraud within a focused subset of applications, allowing it to increase fraud detection rates whilst reducing fraud processing costs.

The results were astonishing. The predictive power was 93 per cent, far exceeding the performance of any individual fraud solution and offering a relative uplift of 31 per cent over the incumbent approach.

This performance will enable Virgin Money to identify 86.6 per cent of fraud cases by reviewing just the top 10 per cent of cases, with 67 per cent of fraud cases being in the top five per cent.

The improvement in detection means that a small increase in referral volumes will generate a very significant saving in fraud losses as well as additional savings in third-party data costs.  The significant ROI that it will deliver is achieved without any new systems or data being implemented – the model can be easily deployed within any modern decision system.

Nick Martin, Head of Analytics, Virgin Money Consumer Lending, said, “Virgin has led the way in testing out AI approaches in credit risk, marketing attrition prediction and now fraud.  The Archetype fraud model is the best of the lot, giving us an exceptionally strong weapon in the fight against financial crime in the application space.  We’re already seeing dramatic results from implementing the Jaywing model, which detects significantly more fraud than our existing fraud detection products, with far fewer false positives.”

Ben O’Brien, Managing Director at Jaywing, said, “Leading the charge against financial crime, Virgin Money’s approach to application fraud sets a precedent for transforming fraud processing in the industry. Jaywing’s Archetype fraud modelling has equipped Virgin Money with total confidence through the reliability, stability and advanced protection that the new model provides.”

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