September 10, 2018

Digital Element Works With Spicy Mango To Assist With Integration Of IP Geolocation For OTT Platforms

Media technology specialist supports Digital Element in providing IP geolocation technology to enforce geographic media rights globally.

Digital Element, the global IP geolocation data and services provider, has announced that its IP geolocation technology, NetAcuity Pulse, has recently been integrated into the OTT platforms of some of the world’s most prominent media channels with the support of media technology specialist, Spicy Mango. The company is working with Digital Element to help clients that need to comply with geographic licensing rights when broadcasting major events across the globe.

“Spicy Mango is a team of specialists providing media technology solutions. We understand the benefits of quality IP intelligence data, and Digital Element’s is second to none. When a major event is to be broadcast across several regions globally, there’s a need for flexible technology with exactly the right datasets, all delivered to stringent guidelines, and often within a tight timescale. We’re able to bridge the gap between the client’s in-house technology capabilities and Digital Element’s IP data – ensuring media rights compliance for everyone.” Chris Wood, CTO at Spicy Mango 

When OTT platforms broadcast events across multiple global regions, the use of IP intelligence is critical for successful operation and management of devices and content. By deploying Digital Element’s IP geolocation solution, NetAcuity Pulse, it is possible to accurately enforce geographic media rights. In one example, Spicy Mango integrated Digital Element’s IP data for a major television network client ahead of the recent Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. This was in a private cloud-based environment with the capability to meet the audit, scaling, and security requirements for the Games. The IP data used included country, city, connection type, and latitude and longitude information. By identifying how an IP address is connecting, and where from, access to content can be permitted or restricted depending on geographic licensing rights.

Digital Element is the industry pioneer of IP geolocation technology, and its NetAcuity solution has revolutionised the IP geolocation space. By combining IP routing infrastructure analysis with anonymous location insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners, NetAcuity provides the most detailed dataset available worldwide today that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.

“We’re in the business of providing technological IP data solutions. There are times when we have the technology but there’s a barrier to adoption – be it integration, timing, client resources, or some other issue. It is great to be able to help a potential client overcome these challenges by working with a specialist supplier such as Spicy Mango.” Charlie Johnson, Vice President, UK and Ireland, Digital Element