October 20, 2017

The De Beers Group Partner With Ridgeway To Launch A Diamond Education Experience

Ridgeway have delivered a unique first-class education hub for The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of The De Beers Group of Companies.


This will house the groups first online education course, aimed at sharing their unrivalled knowledge to industry members and other interested parties across the globe.

The Diamond Foundation Course consists of eight modules which span across different elements of the diamond industry, from how diamonds grow and are mined, through to how they are marketed and sold to the end consumer. Each module consists of interactive and engaging features to stimulate learning and turn often complex scientific material into easy to understand content. Using interactive hot spots, video and animated illustrations the online course delivers a superior blended learning experience to make studying easier and enjoyable for students.

The website is built on the Kentico EMS platform and features eLearning, reporting and insight dashboards, and an ecommerce platform for online payment management of the course. Ridgeway have partnered with leading visual storytelling studio, Nucco Brain, who have produced the animated course content of the project for engaging experiences.

The education project is another step in a broader consumer confidence strategy being undertaken by IIDGR to capitalise on the growing demand for highly accurate diamond grading and testing services, as well as retail opportunities for proprietary screening instruments to the industry.

interactive hotspots

The Diamond Foundation Course reinforces the rich knowledge and credibility that the De Beers team have, and will allow people across the industry to undertake training and gain confidence when operating in various parts of the diamond market. Users are able to download summary notes, take assessments and achieve a certificate of completion at the end of their studies.


The eLearning course is just the beginning as IIDGR plan to expand their portfolio of education solutions for the industry. As their digital partner Ridgeway will be working with them to bring these future developments to life.

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