March 20, 2018

Beauty Subscription Service Friction Free Shaving Launches Referral Marketing Programme

Friction Free Shaving (FFS), the UK’s first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women, is this week launching a referral marketing programme powered by Mention Me.

The quirky, customer focussed brand only launched in 2016, and has already been featured in twelve women’s magazines including Vogue, Elle, Stylist, and Red and shortlisted in OK! Magazine’s Beauty Awards. The concept and products have been designed exclusively for women and the brand is already building a loyal very happy customer base.

The brand is focussed on building a community of women who are passionate and evangelical about the brand through a heavily content led website, interaction on their social channels as well as enabling customer reviews. FFS recognised the opportunity to maximise the value of its customer relationships and leverage their real life positive word of mouth through a digital referral platform.

Partnering with Mention Me, using their unique ‘refer a friend’ SaaS technology, this referral marketing campaign is part of a wider customer acquisition drive for the brand.

Briar Keen, Co-Founder at FFS comments, “We believe that our unique concept is filling a gap, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our product offering is built around loyal repeat customers, and recognising the power of word of mouth, a referral programme was the next logical step for us to reward our loyal customers and reach new ones. What we loved about the Mention Me platform was its ability to get us off the ground quickly and easily and their tools to AB test different rewards, messages and sharing mechanisms to identify what resonates best with our customers.”

“FFS’s service and products are so referrable, that we can’t wait to see their referral programme begin to quickly generate even more loyal happy customers,” comments Andy Cockburn, CEO, Mention Me.