June 8, 2020

Absolute Digital Media’s Free Guide to SEO in 2020 and Beyond

Following the success of their latest content marketing eBook, the team at Absolute Digital Media have announced their latest resource that is available to download completely free.

This time, the team have written about SEO, and how it’s set to change over the remainder of the year and beyond in order to help businesses boost their visibility online.

Ben Austin, CEO of Absolute Digital Media, stated that,

What does it include?

Absolute Digital Media’s latest eBook includes all of the information a small- to medium-sized business may need in order to achieve online success, including the different SEO trends they need to watch out for to succeed.

The eBook is broken down into five useful chapters which covers everything from the current SEO trends such as the rise in visual search, to UX and technical SEO to help improve the speed and overall look of your site. Take a closer look, below.

1. Voice search

Voice search has continued to grow in popularity over the past five years, with research showing that by 2024 the global voice-based smart speaker market could be worth $30 billion. This extensive growth in popularity is beginning to change the shape of SERPs and how we utilise search engines.

2. Artificial intelligence

AI is helping to weed out the substandard SEO tactics much more efficiently than ever before, with high quality content focused around search intent proving to be the main focus of Google’s algorithm. Essentially, the smarter Google’s AI becomes, the more difficult it will be for black hat practices to evade penalisation.

3. Search intent

In line with the rise in voice search, conversationalist content will continue to grow. Optimising for location-based keywords in the long-tail form will allow content creators to offer a truly tailored and informative experience for users.

4. Visual search

Visual search continues to be the most fiercely competed sector in technology, and with first-world culture dominated by imagery, it is easy to see why. Advances in personalisation and technology in search has been significant, but it can be argued that visual search continues to remain somewhat untapped. But what exactly is visual search?

5. UX and technical SEO

SEO is constantly changing and as we head into the latter part of 2020 and beyond, we can expect trends to come and go as consumer behaviour continues to adapt to people’s everyday life. You will learn more about the impact of UX and technical SEO in this section.

Download your free copy of Absolute Digital Media’s Guide To SEO In 2020 and Beyond, here.

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