Hotter Shoes Selects Movable Ink for Scaled 1:1 Content Personalisation 

Tue 16th Feb

Movable Ink, the leading software company powering content personalisation for the world’s largest brands, announced it has partnered with Hotter Shoes, the UK’s biggest footwear manufacturer, to deliver data-activated, customer-centric experiences.

Movable Ink will be an integral part of the retailer’s customer experience strategy, activating data into real-time, personalised content across any customer touchpoint. With a strong legacy in retail and eCommerce, Movable Ink has powered revenue-generating campaigns for fashion brands and more than 700 of the world’s most innovative companies.

Hotter Shoes recently reported a 27 per cent leap in online sales (year-on-year) in the last six weeks of 2020, successfully navigating the tough retail environment and tapping into the boom in online shopping. Selling over one million pairs of shoes a year, it also hailed a particularly strong Black Friday weekend, up 24 per cent from 2019.

Rachel Rimmer, Head of Performance Marketing at Hotter, said, “This relationship underscores Hotter Shoes’ focus on driving marketing agility and delivering customer-centric shopping experiences. Consumers’ expectations are ever increasing and we’re striving to provide our customers with communications that serve not just brand messages but also meet their needs. Through working with Movable Ink, we’ve been able to adapt a customer-first approach, provide elevated experiences, and give customers a reason to engage with our communications. We’ve delivered increases in both our email click rates (over 50 per cent), and conversion (50 per cent) which we’re really seeing translated into significant revenue benefit.”

“Despite marketers’ massive investments in centralised data to drive personalisation, customers don’t experience data, they experience content. It’s content, not data, that serves as a consistent bottleneck in driving effective customer engagement and accelerating marketing performance,” said Becki Francis, Associate Director of EMEA Retail Strategy at Movable Ink. “With the world changing so rapidly around us, it’s critical for brands to be able to quickly communicate with and creatively engage their customers in real-time across every touchpoint. We’re excited to partner with Hotter Shoes to support their digital transformation, driving real personalisation at scale, and building an enhanced customer experience across their global footprint.”