DNAFit Launches Referral Marketing Customer Acquisition Campaign

Tue 31st Jul

Leading fitness and nutrition genetics company, DNAFit, has partnered with Mention Me and is launching its first referral marketing campaign as part of a wider customer acquisition drive today. The multi award winning business, that has recently appointed Rio Ferdinand as a shareholder and adviser, is a wellness genetics company which matches both elite sportspeople and ordinary consumers to the fitness and diet plans that best match their DNA.

The business which launched in 2013, with its innovative product and approach, has steadily built a loyal, passionate customer base. The website, rich in content including regular blogs on health and fitness, represents the brand’s desire to interact and engage with its customers.

“There is so much conflicting information and advice available for diet and fitness, that it can be daunting to know who to speak to. Hearing about our brand from a friend offers the simplest and most valuable referral. A digital referral programme will capitalise on this and help us reach out to new customers. Mention Me’s ‘refer a friend’ SaaS platform stood out, with its simplicity and AB testing, helping us identify which messages and rewards resonate best.” Avi Lasarow, CEO at DNAFit

Building on this engagement, DNAFit was keen to reward its loyal customers by offering them an incentive and vehicle to be able to share their good experiences of the brand with their friends. Recognising that a personal recommendation can be the best way of sharing a ground breaking product, the team were keen to leverage this real life positive word of mouth through a digital referral platform.

“DNAFit offer such an exciting and unique product and service, that referral is going to be a huge success for them. We’re really excited to see the uplift in new customers as a result of the successful launch of the referral programme.” Andy Cockburn, CEO at Mention Me